Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Headlines for 10-30-07

Israeli strike kills four in Gaza Four people have died in an Israeli strike on a Hamas-run police station in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, Palestinians say......Earlier on Tuesday an Israeli missile hit a house in northern Gaza, injuring two children.

Mayor: Concessions in Jerusalem akin to disembowelment

Commander: Hamas to resume attacks inside Israel "A few days ago, I have met Hamas' military wing chief, Mohammed al-Dief, and he told me we will start attacking Israel instead of just defending ourselves," Sounds like BS to me.

Pro-Abbas security forces nabbs three Hamas members in West Bank In the West Bank city of Nablus, the Preventive security forces arrested a Hamas member after beating him on the street. In the same city, the same security officers detained a second Hamas members.

Mubarak, Abbas meet on latest Palestinian developments

Israeli army invades Bil'in village; kidnaps one international During the search, a Polish activist from the International Solidarity Movement was abducted after he attempted to prevent Israeli soldiers from attacking Bornat's family.

Hamas plans no militant West Bank takeover

Israeli army kidnaps 15 Palestinian civilians across West Bank

Gazan cancer patient dies after being delayed entry into Israel for 10 days

Dr. al-Malky: ?security forces ready to deploy in November? Minister of Information Dr. Riyad al-Malky on Monday stated that Palestinian Security Forces are finalizing their preparations to deploy 500 security officers in the northern West Bank city of Nablus in November.

Three Palestinian police officers injured in Hebron by unknown gunmen

Russia sends aid trucks to Palestine ?The Palestinian people are not responsible for those actions of some terrorist and political groups. That?s why this collective punishment for Palestinians is unacceptable, according not only to Russia, but also to the UN. Ban Ki Moon declared very clearly his position; he rejects these measures undertaken by Israeli government,? Vyacheslav Matuzov said.

China, Israel disagree on Iran Talks between China and Israel on a nuclear Iran ended in a stalemate.

Riot in Druze village Three rioters were wounded by live bullets fired by police, prompting Israeli Arab leaders to call for an investigation. Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter vowed a crackdown on those who had assaulted the police officers

Gaza electricity cuts suspended Attorney General Menachem Mazouz's decision came after a number of human rights groups criticised the proposed cutbacks as collective punishment of the Palestinian people.

Israeli military detain sick Palestinian woman at checkpoint in Hebron For two hours on Tuesday 30 October, the Israeli military prevented a sick
Palestinian woman from reaching her home in the Tel Rumeida area of Hebron. She
was returning from a hospital in Jerusalem in a Palestinian Red Crescent Society
(PRCS) ambulance, escorted by the International Committee of the Red Cross

Al-Qassam Brigades display remnants of an Israeli soldier?s dead body in southern Gaza

Egypt arrests Palestinians over plot EGYPTIAN authorities have arrested three Palestinians linked to the group that kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston on their way to carry out bombings in Israel, a security source said today.

Israeli soldiers kidnap one Palestinian near Jenin Israeli forces on Tuesday attacked a Palestinian home in the village of Siliat al-Thaher located near Jenin city in the northern part of the West Bank, kidnapping one civilian and reportedly stealing 2500 JD from the house

Palestinian family attacked; Mother kidnapped

Govt concerned over Gaza power cut threat Foreign Secretary David Miliband said London had raised the issue with the Israeli authorities, who had given them assurances that they would avoid "adverse" consequences from any action.

Quadruplets born to couple in troubled Gaza

Fateh fighter dies of wounds sustained in an Israeli attack two weeks ago

Abbas calls for implementation of Road Map's first phase

Attacking Iran for Israel? ** The Israelis appear convinced they have extracted a promise from Bush and Cheney that they will help Israel nip Iran?s nuclear program in the bud before they leave office. Ray McGovern = former CIA official.

Israel steps up threats to invade Gaza Strip

McCain to Jewish leaders: Peace in Israel requires U.S. win in Iraq

Amnesty International Calls for Inquiry into Reports of Looting and Abuses at Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Amnesty International submitted a letter to Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora calling for an urgent investigation into reports of looting, arson and vandalism of homes and property inside Nahr al-Bared Palestinian refugee camp since the Lebanese army regained control of the camp in September, and into continuing reports of harassment and abuse of Palestinian refugees by Lebanese army soldiers.

Israel holds war game The exercise originally was to have taken place on the Golan Heights but was relocated for fear of worrying Syria, which has been bracing for a possible war with Israel.

Minister would nix automatic citizenship Sheetrit also said he would not let in potential immigrants who say they are descendants of Jews. "Don't go finding me any lost tribes because I won't let them in anymore," he said. "We have enough problems in Israel. Let them go to America.?

Hariri: 'Evidence of fresh plot'

Former Hamas spokesman decries group's extremism In seven blunt pages, he calls the group's military takeover of Gaza in June unjust and a "strategic mistake that has burdened the movement with more than it can bear." He accuses Hamas of being too stubborn to admit its mistakes. He chastises it for forgetting that militancy is a tool and not a goal. And he makes an emphatic appeal for Hamas to embrace "tolerance, pardon and reconciliation."

India to contribute 600,000 USD for rehabilitation of Palestinian refugee in Lebanon Indian today announced its decision to contribute 600,000 dollars for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Palestinian refugee camps in Northern Lebanon.

Gaza sanctions: The legal argument The intervention by Israeli Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to suspend a plan to restrict electricity supplies to Gaza raises the issue of Israel's rights and responsibilities under international humanitarian law.

Middle East expert or Islamophobe? FAU speaker generates protests Critics say Pipes, considered an ally to Israel, has demonized Muslims.
"He uses the word 'terrorist' for anyone who disagrees with his position on Israel," Pipes = neocon extraordinaire.

The International Laws of Belligerent Occupation The Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the West Bank, to the Gaza Strip, and to the entire City of Jerusalem, in order to protect the Palestinians living there. The Palestinian People living in this Palestinian Land are ?protected persons? within the meaning of the Fourth Geneva Convention. All of their rights are sacred under international law.

Hamas boy band to bring harmony to Gaza "It is our job to inspire the foot soldiers," said Maj Hosam Abu Abdu, a 40-year-old former police officer who now fronts the band. "We want to urge the soldiers and officers to push on, to make the effort needed in the struggle to end the occupation [of Palestinian land by Israel]."

Toronto alt-mag labels Israel an ?apartheid? state Published six times a year, the Toronto-based journal, which is known for its leftist leanings, claims a readership of some 10,000 people. Its 2007 September-October issue contains five features and one smaller story on Israel, all meant to shed light on what editor Jessica Johnston called in her editor?s forward the ?clear and well documented? injustices perpetrated by the Israeli state against Palestinians.?

Palestinians resist media demonization

Secretary-General appoints Max Gaylard of Australia as Deputy Special Coordinator for Middle East Peace Process, ad interim The Secretary-General has asked Mr. Gaylard to travel to the region this week to lead the United Nations country team in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Archbishop Hana: Jerusalem should be placed at top of agenda

FM: World must halt Iran nukes regardless of economic interest ** Even if it had the bomb, Iran would never be dumb enough to strike Israel. This matter is entirely about having the upper hand in the area - and Israel seeks to retain that edge, no matter the cost in American blood and treasure, because it sure the hell isn't Israel fighting in Iraq, and it won't be Israel that attacks Iran. Whose war is this?

Seizure of terror suspect funds questioned "The fact that they couldn't get a single conviction suggests that we need to rethink the process by which (Holy Land) was shut down," David Cole, a law professor at Georgetown University told the Monitor. "They were able to close it down, freeze its assets ... ultimately on the basis of secret evidence."

OU Concerned by Rice Consultations with Former President Carter

Sabotage fails, free speech wins

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Headlines for 10-29-07

Four die in Israeli raid in Gaza Three Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were killed. At least two of the Palestinians were from Hamas, the militant group that controls Gaza.

Israeli soldier and 3 Palestinians die in Gaza clashes Israeli tanks and helicopters shelled Beit Hanoun during the clash, killing a gunman and a civilian

Livni to China: Get tough on Iran

Three Palestinians kidnapped in Nablus Three Palestinians were kidnapped, and two Israeli soldiers moderately injured, when the Israeli army invaded the northern West Bank city of Nablus in the early hours of Monday morning.

Violence, lack of land access, make for bitter olive harvest "Just yesterday the settlers were here, very violent. They were armed. They yelled and threatened us," Nadia said. She said the previous day, her neighbours from the village Til were attacked by several settlers from the nearby outpost Havat Gilad.

Israeli soldiers attack a Palestinian worker in Jerusalem

Israeli army attacks Hebron area Local sources reported that the bulldozers demolished animal sheds and huts in an attempt to force Palestinian farmers from the land.

Al Ajrami: no settlement with Israel without solution to detainees issue The Palestinian Minister for political detainees' affairs in the care-taker government, Ashraf Al Ajrami, stated on Saturday that the issue of Palestinian political detainees held by Israelis is now being brought to the negotiating table.

Israel rejects criticism of Gaza sanctions

Nazis evict Jews on 'wrong' side of barrier Israeli troops on Monday destroyed tents where nearly 300 Palestinians have been living near Hebron and handed out orders for them to decamp to a neighbouring West Bank village, witnesses said.

Lieberman demands population exchange Lieberman demanded that the permanent agreement with the Palestinians include an exchange of populations and territories, in a way which will guarantee the Jews a majority of 80% in the State of Israel.

Peres defends actions against Gaza

Britain sees American continentals too "exhausted" to rebel Israeli intelligence believes that Palestinians would lack the will for a new popular uprising against occupation should an upcoming peace conference fail to meet their expectations, a senior official said on Monday. Lil word play there. Lest we forget, Americans were once under a foreign occupation for a time. That is, until we shook it off. 'Twas an American intifada. And folks, we Americans rebeled in response to much MUCH less than what these people have had to endure.

Despite promises of support, Fayyad facing budget woes An impending drop in revenues and a lack of direct budget support for Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad's government is raising the prospect of a large cash shortage starting in January, Western officials said.

Palestinian team refused permission to travel by Israeli government The Palestine football association has approached the sport's governing body FIFA with a request to reschedule Palestine's 2010 World Cup qualifier against Singapore after the team was refused permission by the Israeli government to travel to the game. Another Nazi-like behavior manifested by the Israeli government.

Israel's Gaza fuel cuts alarm UN Israeli energy sanctions against the Hamas-run Gaza Strip punish an entire population and are unacceptable, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said.

Israel's decision to cut power in Gaza is illegal, says UN The UN's top official in Gaza will tell British ministers today that Israel's cuts in fuel and power to the Palestinians violate international law, while the isolation of Hamas has strengthened extremism and started to drive non-affiliated moderates who can leave Gaza to do so.

Abbas urged to stop meeting Israeli officials The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) Monday urged Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to stop meetings with Israeli leaders.

Lawmaker: Palestine in difficult phase Palestinians are experiencing "one of the most difficult phases in our history," said Hanan Ashrawi, an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and an active voice in the Mideast peace process.

Conditions worsen in Warsaw ghetto as Nazis tighten grip "The situation is so bad that you really prefer to die," Sultan said. "I prefer to die rather than to live a life like this." Collective punishment was supposed to have gone out with the Nazis.

Attorney general says Israel can't cut power to Gaza

EU concerned over Israel sanctions on Gaza

'Mystery' US base causes confusion among Lebanese according to a report in Beirut newspaper As-Safir published last week, Edelman - who during his visit met with Premier Fouad Seniora, Defence Minister Elias Murr and Lebanese Army Commander General Michel Suleiman - not only discussed the Lebanese Army's training and equipment needs but also put forward a draft agreement that would see US naval, air and land bases set up on Lebanese territory. So's we can continue to fight Israel's enemies in the area.

Hamas spokesperson brands Abbas "submissive" Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum on Monday branded Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas "submissive", after the latter voiced his opposition to the alternative fall summit, scheduled for Novemeber, in Damascus.

Palestinian political detainees meet with Israeli prison administration

ZOA: No Palestinian statehood The ZOA published a full-page advertisement in the New York Times and other newspapers a month before the U.S. secretary of state convenes a conference aimed at creating a Palestinian state.

Alan Johnston answers your questions

Olmert to remain in office despite cancer The Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, pledged today that he will carry on with his job despite being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Israel, Canada sign security accord During his stay in the US, the Kadima minister has also been active in helping to lay the groundwork for the upcoming Annapolis summit as well as addressing the annual convention of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs

Israel, IAEA spar "If countries have information that the country is working on a nuclear-related program, they should come to us," ElBaradei told CNN's "Late Edition." "But to bomb first and then ask questions later, I think it undermines the system and it doesn't lead to any solution to any suspicion."

Essen Jews to boycott Kristallnacht ceremony At issue is a flyer that an employee in the city's office for intercultural projects signed and circulated last year in which she called Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert "Adolf Olmert" and used the phrase "Holocaust in Lebanon."

What will happen after Bush? Another context is the continuing erosion of Israel's standing in the United States. This does not manifest itself in public opinion polls and in votes in Congress, but rather in the loss of the "moral horizon," the change that has occurred in the standing of Israel, which used to be regarded as an attractive and just state. A clear expression of this is the recent reception of Jimmy Carter's book and of the book written by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt about the Israeli lobby, which not only expressed criticism of Israel's policy but also questioned its legitimacy. Despite the criticism to which they have been subjected, these books are making waves and their authors are appearing throughout the United States. The "letter of the eight" is another link in this chain. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Humanitarian delivers Middle East insights Since his arrival in Jerusalem in 2005, Garofalo has established many relationships with Palestinians that has informed his opinion on their plight. The CRS office serving the area employs a staff of 40 people, only four of them are non-Palestinian.

Inside Israel's Military Courts We have adopted Israel's tactics in many venues, which is where the term 'Palestinian hanging' came from. Their influence is overarching.

Fifty-first anniversary of Kufer Qassem massacre Here is an older article about from the Washington Post.

One-state plan defeated at Oxford debate A motion calling for a one-state solution was defeated at the famous Oxford Union debating forum.

Free craft Sundays at the National Arab American Museum this Sunday, kids will decorate handkerchiefs with cross-stitch embroidery, in patterns inspired by the current exhibition, Threads of Pride: Palestinian Traditional Costumes

Palestinian census carries sobering subtext for Israelis since that last census, the trepidation among Israeli Jews to return the country to its narrow borders prior to the 1967 Six Day War has been trumped by fears of a "demographic problem": Israelis may one day wake up to find themselves a minority in control of a Palestinian Arab majority

The cost of American bellicosity toward Iran Israeli officials have welcomed this American escalation of pressures on Iran, apparently considering it a foreign-policy achievement for Israel, as well as for the formidable array of pro-Israel US pundits who push for a combative policy against Iran.

Peace Now Urges Israeli Government to Reverse Policy of Cutting Supplies to Gaza. APN: Decision Underscores Need for Diplomacy In a letter to Barak, Peace Now's Secretary General Yariv Oppenheimer characterized the new policy as both immoral and impractical.

Report: ?360 Palestinian children remain imprisoned by Israel"

Palestinian President to meet Kuwaiti King and other officials on Monday

Monday, October 29, 2007

Headlines for 10-28-07

Israeli military invades Islamic charitable organization in Nablus Eyewitnesses report that Israeli soldiers invaded a building in Nablus and confiscated property belonging to an Islamic charitable organization for orphans, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Palestinians urge Syria not to host Hamas talks The Palestinian Authority sent envoys to Damascus on Sunday to urge Syria not to host a gathering involving Hamas and others opposed to a peace conference with Israel to be held soon in the United States.

EU officials says Gaza power plant receives fuel shipment Gaza's power plant received a full supply of fuel on Sunday, officials with the European-funded fuel supply programme said.

American Jews act to prevent division of Jerusalem According to the Young Israel leader, the Holy City belongs to all Jews, not just those that reside in Israel. E. Jerusalem does not belong to Israel, let alone 'all Jews'. It is Israeli-OCCUPIED territory.

Hamas sources: ?Fateh Security forces continue to arrest Hamas members"

At least 16 die in illegal immigrant tragedy off Italy - Summary The illegal immigrants, mostly Palestinians and with a 10-year-old child among them, are believed to have set out on their perilous journey from Turkey.

PA demands that Israel remove 16 military roadblocks

POLITICS: Desmond Tutu Likens Israeli Actions to Apartheid Israeli policy toward Palestine is an inflammatory topic in the U.S. and is not commonly discussed in large, public forums.

Iran: 'Tell us where Arad is and we'll get him' "If you have the address where he is being held ? give it to us so we could go and get him," he said in a challenge to Israeli officials who have long said that Iran is involved in the case.

At-Tuwani Release: "My piece of land that has grown things": harvest Currently around 35 villagers of Susiya are still living in the area in tent
dwellings surrounded by Susya Israeli settlement, three outposts and a
military base and face ongoing harassment by Israeli settlers.

Tutu implores Jews to stop oppression Archbishop Desmond Tutu issued an impassioned plea to the Jewish people to end Israel?s oppression of Palestinians.

Age of evidence hurt case on terror funds Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor who led the 1995 prosecution of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and 11 others for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, agreed that the decade-long lag makes the government's case less compelling.

Syria complains about Israel felling cherry trees on the Golan Heights Syria filed a complaint Friday with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon protesting Israel's chopping down of trees in the occupied Golan Heights to harass farmers, the state-run news agency SANA said.

Syrian "Nukes"? Not So Fast... (Updated)

Taking sides in the debate over the Middle East

Olmert courts Turkey over airstrike Israel moved to mollify Turkey over its airstrike in Syria last month.

Israel eyes U.S. missile-killer The United States successfully tested a missile-killer that could be integrated into Israel's strategic defense system.

From white trailer in 'hostile' Hamas-run Gaza, Fatah men coordinate strip's links with Israel Rattling off ID numbers over walkie-talkies to Israeli border inspectors, they try to help a few dozen Gazans a day get into Israel for medical care. The rumble of Israeli tanks and Gaza mortar fire provide the background noise.

Protecting Israel is San Antonio pastor John Hagee's mission "What I am organizing now coast to coast is to get every pro-Israel church, every pro-Israel pastor, every pro-Israel para-church organization flowing together under one canopy to speak up for Israel in Washington,"

Refugee rappers voice disgust at Lebanon camps "Battalion 5" might conjure up images of the next big computer game, but in Lebanon it's a group of musicians who express the misery of life in Palestinian refugee camps through rap.

Football: S'pore-Palestine World Cup qualifying match not taking place on Sunday The FIFA World Cup 2010 Asian Zone qualifying match was supposed to start at 5pm at the National Stadium. But the Palestine National Team has yet to arrive in Singapore.

IAEA chief lashes out over Israeli raid in Syria Neither Israel nor the United States has furnished "any evidence at all" to prove that the Syrian site bombed in early September was a secret nuclear facility, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told CNN.

British university officials visit Israel A delegation of university officials from the United Kingdom visited universities in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Headlines for 10-27-07

Palestinian children and woman killed in Gaza blast Two Palestinian children aged two and 13 and a woman were killed on Saturday in an explosion of unknown origin affecting two houses in the southern Gaza Strip, witnesses and a medical source said.

Hamas sources: Fatah supporters bomb police car southern Gaza

Israeli Army invades two West Bank towns

Bargouthi warns of humanitarian disaster in Gaza caused by embargo

Hamas legislature criticizes attacks against students by P.A security and Fateh

Hamas: No pre-summit attacks on Israel "Actually, those interested in such a thing are the Israeli Labor and Likud Parties," the Hamas leader said, "who are searching for a way to hamper Olmert and are also looking for a reason to attack Hamas."

Egyptian Humanitarian mission calls for solution to crisis of stranded Palestinians

Israeli army hands out military orders to demolish Palestinian homes near Salfit

Israeli says Gaza cuts will begin Sunday "The reduction in fuel supplies will be felt from Sunday and we will carry out electricity cuts beginning in the coming days,"

Nazis plans to 'isolate Warsaw 100 percent': minister Israel plans to paralyse the infrastructure of the Gaza Strip in every possible way and separate itself completely from the Palestinian territory in the long term, a minister said on Saturday. If the shoe fits.

Israeli FM to China for Iran sanctions talks Israel has previously described Iran as its principal strategic threat, and earlier this month US President George W. Bush warned of a possible World War III if Tehran acquired nuclear weapons.

Committee formed to combat embargo on Gaza

Corner of a Gaza field 'forever England' The close-cut grass, the blossoming trees, and the row after row of austere white chiseled tombstones evoke the famed war cemeteries of northern France rather than the chaos of the Gaza Strip.

UAE urges UN to boost awareness on Palestinian issue UAE has reiterated that the UN and its specialised agencies need to keep the international community posted about the developments in the Palestinian issue and the Middle East in line with the UN's General Assembly resolutions in this respect.

Israel restricts Christian clergy travel Israel has rescinded some travel privileges for Arab Christian clergy traveling to and around the West Bank because of security concerns, an Israeli spokeswoman said Friday.

Orthodox rabbi breaks with norm Since 1967, when Israeli troops captured the eastern sector of Jerusalem from Arab forces, Israel has claimed all of the city as its eternal capital, never to be redivided. The United States does not recognize Israel's claim and, along with most other nations, has declined to move its embassy to Jerusalem E. Jerusalem is Israeli-occupied territory; Israel does not own it.

Palestinian rights meeting is protested Ateek, who was singled out by the pro-Israel demonstrators as an "extremist anti-Zionist," was unstinting in his criticism of Israel, insistent that the Israeli government is creating a form of apartheid by its actions toward Palestinians. He said that conditions in the Israeli-occupied territories may be worse than conditions for blacks during apartheid in South Africa.

Israelis arrest three Brighton protesters Three women from Brighton have been arrested while protesting in Palestine

Tony Blair is Shocked - And So Are We Angela - an Israeli for 26 years - described what was happening as a system of ?apartheid? in which the Palestinians are being forcibly confined in ever more crowded, destitute ?bantustans.?

Three international figures to receive Palestinian awards The group, the trustees of the Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity, said in a press conference in Ramallah that the awards were aimed at showing a different side to Palestinian society than is normally portrayed worldwide.

Remove religion from Mideast negotiations

Palestinians help Zionists keep kosher A Jewish agricultural law that crops up every seven years is prompting Israel's most fervent Zionists to turn to Palestinian farmers for food.

Q & A: Abraham Foxman Do I want to confront Jimmy Carter? No, but he's a former president of the United States, he's not any jerk who calls Israel apartheid. He's a former president of the United States. You can't ignore what he says about Jews. This guy cannot seem to make the distinction between criticism of Israel and anti-Semitism. Case in point: what exactly did Carter 'say about Jews'? I read the book. This is the heart of the problem: someone criticizes Israel, and they hear 'Jews' somehow. And then the kneejerk cry of anti-Semitism is heard throughout the land. It is deliberate, these people are not dumb. This article would appear to be a portrait of rambling mass hysteria over what? People dare to speak out about Israel. The jig is up, and they (in the Lobby) know it.

Perestroika: James Fallows Says "Mainly... Jewish" Faction Pushes for Iran Showdown

Middle East families united by grief

In pictures: Jewish-Arab circus

The New McCarthyism This is the modus operandi of the New McCarthyism. It targets a new enemy for our era: Muslims, Arabs and others in the Middle East field who are identified as stepping over an unstated line in criticizing Israel, as radical Islamists, as just plain radical or as in some way sympathetic to terrorists. Just who is behind this new McCarthyism: the Israeli Lobby.

Protest by UNRWA employees in Bethlehem

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Headlines for 10-26-07

Israeli forces kill five Gaza militants

Money laundering made illegal in Palestinian areas

Phantoms Over Syria by Philip Giraldi The pieces have a common thread: they rely entirely on information provided by Israeli sources without independent corroboration. And the ongoing play they are getting in the international media, without much critical commentary and without direct attribution to Israel, mark them as classic disinformation.

5 rockets hit south; no injuries reported Rocket barrage on Shabbat: Five Qassam rockets fired from northern Gaza landed in open areas near Sderot and south of Ashkelon. No injuries were reported in the attack, but a factory in Sderot's industrial zone sustained a direct hit..

Four nonviolent activists wounded in Bil'in's weekly protest

Abu Teir warns of Israeli policy in Jerusalem In a letter sent from the Israeli detention of Nitsan, Sheikh Mohammad Abu Teir, member of the Palestinian Legislative Council of the Hamas Jerusalem bloc, warned on Friday of the acceleration of Israeli policies in East Jerusalem, whilst Palestinians are busy with preparations for the November conference.

Demonstration against land thefts at Umm Salamunah

Meeting between Israeli prison bosses and Palestinian detainees fails

Israel breaks promise to Gaza students The army has broken a promise given to the High Court of Justice to renew bus transportation for Gaza Strip students to Egypt so that they can pursue their academic studies abroad, Gisha - the Legal Center for Freedom of Movement - said Thursday.

Israeli officials express concern over potential power cut; Erekat seeks international intervention Speaking under the condition of anonymity, Israeli military chiefs told the Israeli daily Ynet that the potential cutting of supplies would lead the state into a complex scenario in which a number of outcomes were possible, including a short-term escalation in the firing of home-made shells from the Gaza Strip.

Excerpts from Joe Sacco's 'Palestine'

Israeli authorities demolish all houses in an unrecognized Arab village in the Negev

Realizing God's dream for the Holy Land By Desmond Tutu What do I see and hear in the Holy Land? Some people cannot move freely from one place to another. A wall separates them from their families and from their incomes. They cannot tend to their gardens at home or to their lessons at school. They are arbitrarily demeaned at checkpoints and unnecessarily beleaguered by capricious applications of bureaucratic red tape. I grieve for the damage being done daily to people's souls and bodies. I have to tell the truth: I am reminded of the yoke of oppression that was once our burden in South Africa. I see and hear that ancient olive trees are uprooted. Flocks are cut off from their pastures and shepherds. The homes of some people are bulldozed even as new homes for others are illegally constructed on other people's land. I grieve for the land that suffers such violence, the marring of its beauty, the loss of its comforts, the despoiling of its yield. I have to tell the truth: I am reminded of the bitter days of uprooting and despoiling in my own country

Bishop Desmond Tutu presents a very grave danger to the Israeli lobby in America for the fact that he has plenty to say about Israel's egregious behavior, and he is a credible person. The lobby will attempt to smear him and shut him down at every corner in order to prevent Americans from hearing the truth. And they have been trying hard lately to do just that, and in some cases - succeeding.

Palestinians wed in ruins of Lebanon siege camp Surrounded by ruins, a young Palestinian couple on Friday celebrated their wedding in the refugee camp of Nahr al-Bared in northern Lebanon, devastated by more than three months of fighting between the army and Islamists.

Survivors protest at Israel's stance on Armenian genocide This week she joined more than 100 other, rather younger, demonstrators ?about 10 per cent of a once much larger Jerusalem Armenian community dating back to Roman times ? outside the Foreign Ministry. They were protesting against what they believe is the Israeli government's use of its considerable lobbying influence on Capitol Hill to try to thwart the bill which would mean US recognition of the genocide in which 1.5 million Armenians, including Mrs Kevorkian's parents, died.

PresCon, Meridor hail IRGC ban The foreign policy umbrella body for U.S. Jewish groups and the Israeli ambassador to Washington praised the Bush administration for sanctioning an arm of Iran's military.

Foxman takes center stage against Carter, lobby critics It's a high-stakes dynamic as he takes the lead role in the Jewish community's fight against a growing list of vocal and respectable critics of Israel and the pro-Israel lobby, most notably former President Jimmy Carter and the academic duo of John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. Foxman insists he has no second thoughts about jumping into the center of the debate over the pro-Israel lobby.
Got 'em running in all directions lately, do we? GOOD.

Prosecutors Should Stop Wasting Money on This Witch Hunts In essence, this was an Israeli trial tried on American soil in which guilt by association was used as a substitute for actual evidence.

Experts split as prosecutors consider retrial in Holy Land case Experts are split over whether the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing case should be retried, and some say the government must establish stronger links between terrorists and U.S.-based charities before future court victories can be expected....the lone Holy Land juror to speak publicly, has lambasted the government's case as shallow and politically driven.

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains (2007) The Israel-defenders are not pleased with this movie, and they've made it abundantly clear in the recent reviews in the major news outfits across the land. This one went easy on Demmes, but the jabs are still evident (movie evidently wasn't 'balanced' enough).

My Weekend with the Survivors of the USS Liberty

Controlling the debate on Palestine, Israel Although this is not my first experience of such unfair and dishonest smearing, the last few years have witnessed an increase in the Zionist attempts to curb free debate on the Middle East in this country, from such respected figures and intellectuals as Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu, Norman Finkelstein, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

The Forward Receives a 2007 Eliav-Sartawi Award for Middle Eastern Journalism Bassam Aramin, head of Al Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue, has won a 2007 Eliav-Sartawi Award for Middle Eastern Journalism for his article "A Plea for Peace from a Bereaved Palestinian Father." The article first appeared in Forward, America's most influential Jewish weekly newspaper.

Terrorism policy questioned in NYC hearing on scholar's exclusion Ramadan is a Swiss citizen and a visiting fellow at Oxford University in England. He has said he opposes the U.S. invasion of Iraq and U.S policies in Israel and the Palestinian territories, though he opposes terrorism and Islamic extremism and promotes peaceful solutions.

Rice taps Clinton, Carter for Middle East advice Anxious not to repeat mistakes of past Middle East peace-making, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has turned to former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for tips ahead of her own conference this year.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Headlines for 10-25-07

Israeli troops kill Palestinian militant in Gaza Israeli troops killed a Palestinian gunman belonging to the Islamic Jihad militant group in the Gaza Strip on Friday, militants and hospital officials said.

An elderly Palestinian refugee waits to receive a ration of food aid from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

Olmert: No peace deal at Annapolis Strange that this comes on the day that the US government does this.

Gaza residents unable to get medical care, aid workers say "At least three patients denied exit permits have died since June, and others have lost limbs or sight," Human Rights Watch reported. The Palestinian organization Al Mezan in Gaza said a fourth man, Nimir Muhammad Shuheibar, aged 77, died on 23 October while awaiting treatment.

Palestinian cancer patient denied entry from Gaza into Israel for hospital care The patient turned back from Erez on Monday, Mahmud Kamal Abu Taha, was sent back to hospital in Khan Yunis after waiting two-and-a-half hours in an ambulance at the Erez crossing while he was receiving oxygen and on an intravenous drip. Shin Bet agents also arrested his father at the crossing even though he had also been told he had permission to accompany his son to a hospital in Tel Aviv.

Activist protest closes settler road near Ramallah Five years ago the Israeli army closed the road to Palestinians and is now only open to Israelis living in illegal settlelments.

Palestinian negotiation team fully authorized on agreement with Israel: official Palestinian negotiation team is fully authorized by President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) to reach a framework deal with Israel, a Palestinian official said on Thursday

Members Take up Issue of Permanent Sovereignty Over Natural Resources in Occupied Palestinian Territory, Syrian Golan

Israel approves Gaza power cuts the position accepted by the international community is that Israel remains legally responsible for the coastal strip, despite withdrawing two years ago, because it still controls Gaza's borders, airspace and territorial waters.

Elderly Palestinian dies at Erez crossing after Israeli forces leave him on the ground to die

Fatah security officials on trial Security officials from the Palestinian movement, Fatah, have gone on trial in the West Bank for failing to stop Hamas from seizing control of Gaza in June.

Palestinians must first follow Road Map security principles: Israel FM Hypocrisy.

PLO disputes Jerusalem rail plan the Palestine Liberation Organisation, which is bringing the court case, through its delegation in Paris, argues that the railway will breach the fourth Geneva convention by providing infrastructure to Jewish settlements on occupied land.

Palestinian policeman dies of wounds sustained in earlier internal clashes Hamas media sources reported that one Palestinian police officer, died on Thursday at night of wounds sustained during clashes with gunmen east of Gaza City last week.

Cutting Palestinian forces poses challenge for PM Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad has begun to act on a plan to shrink the security forces by about a third, a move that may fuel tensions in the Fatah faction that runs the Palestinian Authority.

US general tours West Bank troublespot "My mission is to work with the Palestinian security forces to ensure a more secure future for Palestinians," said Dayton, in an Arabic statement handed out to reporters.

Gaza Christians fear 'those more extreme than Hamas' What scares them is a new generation of shadowy extremist movements that have crept from the rubble of a seven-year uprising, months of internal bloodletting and decades of conflict with Israel.

Israel holding talks with Hamas: Abbas

Report: Sixty-eight Palestinians imprisoned in their village

In pictures: Palestinians turn to a West Bank rubbish dump for livelihood

Syria 'air strike site removed' The images, though, were far from conclusive.

Report: Israel to get F-35s early Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has persuaded the Pentagon to supply the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, a supersonic stealth jet that is still under construction, to Israel ahead of schedule.

AZ Attorney General Travels To Israel Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard left Wednesday for Israel as part of a legal exchange program between the National Assocation of Attorneys General and the Israel government, in cooperation with the American-Israel Friendship League.

US to speed up stealth fighter delivery to Israel "We asked that for every two jets manufactured for the US, one be manufactured for Israel," a senior defense official said, adding that acquisition of the aircraft would greatly increase Israel's deterrence as Iran races toward nuclear power.

The Israel Lobby Targets Haaretz Isn't that amazing and scandalous? Levin is explaining why there is a free debate in Israel and not here. Because of the lobby and its "unwritten contract." Because U.S. support is crucial to Israel's existence. And so Americans, who supposedly so love the Middle East democracy that they support it out of the goodness of their hearts, must not read the news from Israel.

Lebanese troops fire on Israeli planes Lebanese troops today fired on Israeli warplanes flying low over southern Lebanon, security officials in the country said.

Australia would send troops to West Bank Australia would send troops to the West Bank to support an Israeli withdrawal, an official told Jews in Sydney.

House aims to curb Iran's sway in West ?Argentines are still waiting for justice, and warrants are out for the arrests of several Iranians and members of Hezbollah.?

Israel reissuing gas masks ** Israel plans to reissue gas masks to its citizens. 3 guesses why.

Syrian official: Mideast peace conference won't tackle major issues in region Syrian Minister of Expatriates Buthaina Sha'aban asserted on Wednesday that a peace conference sponsored by the U.S. administration would not tackle the essential issues in the Arab-Israeli conflicts, the official SANA news agency reported.

More Evidence That Critics of Israel Are Gaining in the U.S.

Paparazzi, Beware! Hollywood Stars Have a Secret Weapon: Israeli Commandos A native of Beverly Hills, Cohen has parlayed his service in Duvdevan ? an elite Israeli commando unit responsible for capturing, and sometimes killing, Palestinian militants in the West Bank ? into a lucrative, niche business back in his hometown.

Medved Takes On Israel's Foes Radio talk show host and Philadelphia native Michael Medved spoke to hundreds at Bala Cynwyd Middle School Tuesday evening to debunk what he considers calumnies against Israel.
Pro-Israelis seem to have embarked on a full out frontal propaganda assault on America. This is probably due to the recent release of the Mearsheimer and Walt book among other things. They cannot seem to grasp the notion that true patriots will win out in the end. The Israel narrative is a house of cards based on myths. Debunk one, and the whole thing comes into question. Unfortunately for us white hats, pro-Israelis have our media sewn up lock, stock and barrel. No matter. Soldier on.

Dr. Duwiek: Israeli prison authorities spy on legal consultations

This week: IPOs and a brewery MME also visits the village of Taybeh, one of the few Christian villages left in the West Bank and home to the only Palestinian brewery. We meet with Nadim Khoury to talk about his mini-brewery and how despite political and economic instability, the beer keeps on flowing during Oktoberfest.

Palestinian Strengthened by Tough Exchange Student Experience Nasser?s experience shows the value of foreign studies as a strategy for building the Palestinians? capacity to run their own state and to revive their economy.

Pro-Israel rally to demonstrate against weekend Sabeel event The conference, ?The Apartheid Paradigm in Palestine-Israel: Issues of Justice and Equality,? will feature Sabeel leaders and the Reverend Desmond Tutu, who, along with Sabeel, has been criticized for his portrayal of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. More than 50 organizations plan to join in Friday?s demonstration. Holy moley, the truth might get out! The efforts by the Israel lobby to smear Sabeel are unprecedented. And that's because they are a Palestinian CHRISTIAN group, speaking to ordinary average Americans; the most dangerous of propositions to the Israel lobby.

Influence for Israel Indeed, the fact that their book has encountered such outrageous abuse surely vindicates one of their central arguments: that pro-Israel lobby groups are so one-eyed that they toss accusations of anti-Semitism around like balloons at a birthday party.
The point cannot be made too strongly: this is not an anti-Semitic book. It's a work of scholarly analysis, and it deserves to be taken seriously.
An unusually unbiased piece in the Telegraph (UK).

Israel to halt large Golan manoeuvres: reports

Hate at the altar Dexter Van Zile is the Christian media analyst at CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. Another witchhunt led by pro-Israeli who relies heavily on smearing (go figure).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Headlines for 10-24-07

Israel kills two Palestinian boys in Gaza Israeli forces killed two Palestinian boys in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday, hospital officials in Gaza said.

Hamas militant killed in Gaza tunnel collapse

Army kidnaps one Palestinian from Hebron; attacks Nablus and Jenin

Rice says 2-state solution in the Mideast in jeopardy A hearing on Capitol Hill today, Rice told lawmakers that moderate Palestinian leaders need to be able to show their people that a Palestinian state is on the horizon. She said a planned peace conference next month in Annapolis, Maryland, needs to produce a "serious political prospect" for the Palestinians.

Israeli seeks Hamas participation Minister without portfolio Ami Ayalon said any invitation would be conditional on Hamas pledging to accept agreements reached at the summit.

Dozens of East Jerusalem leaders protest against home demolitions Muslim and Christian leaders from East Jerusalem joined with Palestinian-Israeli members of the Israeli Knesset and members of the Palestinian legislative council in a demonstration Tuesday challenging the Israeli policy of home demolitions in East Jerusalem.

PFLP rejects fall summit for peace, calls for boycotting The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) rejected on Tuesday the peace summit due to beheld on fall in Annapolis in the United States and called for boycotting it.

Israel proposes cutting power to Gaza to deter attacks Israeli officials said electricity would be cut at first for 15 minutes after each rocket attack and then for longer and longer periods. They already do that now. Doesn't work. This is Nazi mentality at work here (collective punishment). The 4th best military in the world cannot stop the Qassem rockets, and they expect the civilian population to do so.

Israeli soldier wounded in West Bank attack An Israeli soldier was wounded in a drive-by shooting on Wednesday as he waited at a bus stop in the West Bank near a Jewish settlement, Israeli radio and police sources said.

Hebron Update: 8-13 October 2007 A Palestinian woman had misunderstood an Israeli Border Police who
told her she could not pass to go up to the mosque. The Palestinian continued
on, and the Border Police restrained her. When the Palestinian woman struggled,
Israeli authorities beat her with their batons. She was released. The Red
Crescent gave her First Aid, but moments later she lost consciousness. Hebron resides inside of the West Bank - which is Israeli-OCCUPIED territory, not Israel. Israel occupies the area mainly to protect a small group of militant settlers implanted in this area. The presence of these settlers in occupied territory is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (article 49). Say, I wonder what Americans would do if a foreign nation took their property by force and occupied their cities. We already know that answer to that question (Americans would rise up in arms).

Israeli military abducts four Palestinians from Bethlehem area

U.S. team to look at Gaza smuggling A U.S. team will travel to the Middle East to address arms smuggling between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, Condoleezza Rice said.

21 members arrested across West Bank, Hamas claims Sources in the Hamas movement on Wednesday stated that Fatah-allied security forces had kidnapped least 21 members of the Hamas movement during dawn attacks in several parts of the West Bank.

US to transfer $410 million to PA This is the largest aid program ever given to the Palestinians by the US. In Washington, sources say the aid underlines the high importance attached by the Bush administration to the need to support Abbas and Fayyad and their efforts to reach tangible goals on the ground for the Palestinian public.

Palestinians say denial of supplies to Gaza is a war crime A decision by Israel to cut back on electricity and fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip was a 'war crime' and 'collective punishment,' Palestinian officials said Wednesday.

ICRC activities in Israel and the occupied and autonomous territories: Sep 2007

Squeezing the Life out of Bethlehem

40 Years of House Demolitions

Israeli police attack mosque near Haifa

Meridor: We must be ready to preempt threats "This will take a united United States on this matter, that they would not have the illusion today that come January '09, they [Teheran] have it their own way," he said, referring to the inauguration of President George W. Bush's successor, who could potentially change US policy on Iran. Why is ISRAEL'S problem now OUR problem, by their own admission? Their lobby (which includes the neocons) here in the States makes sure that this is the case, that's why.

Israel pressuring ill Palestinians to be informers, activists say Since June, at least five Palestinians have died after being denied permits to leave Gaza for emergency medical treatment, according to Physicians for Human Rights, an Israeli human-rights group that's working to help patients in Gaza

Report: Iran acquiring fighter jets that are based on Israeli technology Iran has signed a deal with China to purchase 24 J-10 fighter jets between 2008 and 2010, Russian news agency Novosti reported. The jets were developed based on the technology of Israel's Lavi fighter jet, whose technology was sold to China against the wishes of the US. Israel gets a taste of its own medicine.

Abbas wants India in proposed peace conference India should be invited to the proposed international peace conference on the Middle East, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said here Wednesday.

U.S. will cut off Iran's 'malignant' actions Florida Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said the Bush administration appeared to be taking a "slow, deliberative course" on Iran and should designate the entire Revolutionary Guards Corps a terrorist group."Why not put the whole corps on the list?" Ros-Lehtinen asked.
Ros-Lehtinen - one of Israel's top agents on Capitol Hill.

Negev prisoners enter second day of hunger strike Palestinian prisoners in the Negev detention center on Wednesday entered their second day of hunger strike in protest against their treatment by Israeli prison authorities.

The Oxford Union's cowardly action Alan Dershowitz, an American pro-Israeli academic, was invited to oppose the motion and said he would not speak on the same platform as another American academic, an anti-Zionist, Norman Finkelstein. This was, of course, his right. But having decided not to take part, he has now attacked the Oxford Union for inviting Finkelstein rather than a pro-Israel speaker, and succeeded in getting the debate cancelled. The (American)Israeli lobby wins again.

Alan Johnston: My kidnap ordeal And through the radio I became aware of the extraordinary, worldwide campaign that the BBC was mobilising on my behalf. It was an enormous psychological boost. And, most movingly, I realised that the vast majority of Palestinians were condemning the kidnappers.
An excellent read.

Arab Case The Zionist dream of making Palestine a Jewish State is doomed to failure, says Mr. Antonius, if for no other reason than that the Arab peasantry prefers death to giving up its land. Disgraceful as he considers the German treatment of Jews, the "cure for the eviction of Jews from Germany is not to be sought in the eviction of the Arabs from their homeland. ... No code of morals can justify the persecution of one people in an attempt to relieve the persecution of another." This article was published in Time in 1939.

Zionists scramble to repair growing Christian/Jewish divide

With blunt talk on Israeli Arabs, NIF showcases its vision in US "You talk about compromise," he said, turning to his Jewish co-panelists. "I'm supposed to forget about 1948? I'm supposed to forget about the 70 percent of confiscated Arab lands?"

Giuliani appears to be front-runner among top GOP Jewish donors "There's not one thing wrong with Rudy Giuliani's position on Israel, but in John McCain's history you can see that support," he said. "I think we're not picking the lesser of evils. I think we're picking the greater of greats."

Israeli premier praises enhanced France-Israel relationship Olmert said "we are reassured of our security" and "something had changed in relations" between France and Israel.

Grieving Mothers on 2 Sides of a Suicide Bombing

Press delays decision on U.K. publisher The press came under attack in August from pro-Israel group Stand With Us Michigan for distributing "Overcoming Zionism," a book published by Pluto Press.

Horowitz spins ?facts? aimlessly Another favorite of Mr. Horowitz?s was that all Arabs carry a gene of anti-Semitism. He has made claims like this before. On his website,, he wrote, ?The sick Palestinian culture of hate is a veritable assembly line for the production of future Jew-killers.? On Monday, he informed the audience that Israel is surrounded by ?300 million Arabs who hate Jews? and that the ?Palestinians want to get rid of the Jews.? Didn?t you say it was only a minority of Muslims who are the problem, Mr. Horowitz?

CAIR: Giuliani Advisor Supports Terror Group In 2001, Pipes claimed the "presence" and "enfranchisement" of American Muslims present "true dangers to American Jews." He recently renewed a call to "raze" Palestinian villages from which anti-Israeli attacks are launched.

Arsonists attack Jerusalem church Arsonists burst into a Jerusalem church and set the building on fire, church officials said Wednesday, raising suspicions that Jewish extremists were behind the attack. The church in west Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood was rebuilt after it was burned down 25 years ago by ultra-Orthodox Jewish extremists.

Kuwait's Wataniya gets frequencies from Israel Kuwait's National Mobile Telecommunications Co. has won Israeli frequencies to operate in the Palestinian territories, the Palestinian telecommunications and economy minister said on Wednesday.

Holy Land trial notes reveal jury in turmoil "Attacks on each other happen often," she wrote. "Opinions, not facts, are discussed. Some are closed to deliberations, which shuts off conversations that are meaningful."
On Monday, four days after handing in a verdict that was then sealed until the presiding judge came back to town, some jurors shocked courtroom observers by then telling the judge that they no longer agreed with what the panel had decided.
Must have been a few pro-Israelis on the jury, from the sounds of it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Headlines for 10-23-07

Israeli airstrike on a car kills senior Gaza militant

Palestinian inmate dies of wounds Israeli prison officials said the man had been hit by what they called non-lethal objects fired by guards during Monday's riot. They did not disclose the precise devices used on security grounds.

Pro-Abbas security forces arrest eight Hamas members in W.Bank

PM Erdoğan to press Olmert to give up supporting Iraqi Kurds Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will bring the issue of Israeli experts' training of military forces in the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq to the agenda in his talks with his Israeli counterpart, Ehud Olmert, scheduled to take place today in the British capital.

Amnesty censures Palestinians Amnesty International has slammed the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas and the rival Fatah group for serious human rights abuses in the recent factional fighting in Gaza and the West Bank.

Patients caught up in middle of Fatah and Hamas tug of war

Israel reassures Turkey over Kurds

Israel, in policy shift on Iran, is lobbying countries directly In Israel, Bush?s remarks highlighting Iranian threats to destroy the Jewish state sparked heated debate. Many lamented that the U.S. president made it seem as if Israel is the only reason for Iran?s nuclear drive ? perpetuating a false perception Israelis say is not in their national interest.....Likud Knesset member Yuval Steinitz, after meeting this month with U.S. Congress members, senators and senior officials including Vice President Dick Cheney, told JTA the United States may soon present Iran with a military ultimatum Israel is nation behind this bs, and she's taking us along with her (again).

U.S. talking even tougher on Iran, but also pushing Palestinian state ** Israel and the pro-Israel lobby has long counted on Elliott Abrams, President Bush's deputy national security adviser and peace process skeptic who usually has the last word on such issues. Yet it is Abrams and his boss, Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser, who are in Israel this week, precisely to make clear that Bush wants action ahead of Annapolis......Despite such pressures, Israel is getting relief on what it sees as the more pressing issue: Iran. In the Oct. 17 press conference, Bush made it clear how far he had traveled toward Israeli thinking. For the first time, Bush described nuclear know-how -- not just the acquisition of weapons -- as a red line.....Israel says the moment will come when the Iranians know how to build a bomb, which might be as early as next year. Until Bush's comments, the Americans had set Iran's capacity to build a bomb -- within three to ten years -- as the deadline for possible military action. Registration is free. Note the source (horse's mouth). All of this bs about I-P peace is a ruse. Notice how the closer we get to this conference, the more bellicose and fervent the rhetoric of Bush and Cheney about the need to strike Iran.

Israeli army kidnaps 14 Palestinians across the West Bank

Hamas denies agreeing with Egypt on checking arms smuggle

Barghouthi calls for Palestinian unity Dr Musrafa Barghouthi, Palestinian legislator and Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative, on Tuesday called on Palestinians to conentrate upon the estblishment of national unity, rather than continuing to fight one another.

Hamas denies Israeli claims that movement intends to harm Shalit

Britain backs Israel's call for tougher sanctions on Iran "We are absolutely clear that we are ready and will push for further sanctions against Iran," said Brown after holding talks with his Israeli counterpart in his Downing Street offices.

Heavy rocket barrage follows targeted killing

Several protestors injured by PA security forces at Hebron demonstration

Palestinian detainees in Israel on hunger strike "This is a one-day hunger strike to protest against what happened at Ketziot,"

Mistrial declared in Muslim charity case The prosecution's key witness was a lawyer for the Israeli domestic security agency Shin Bet who testified under a false name. How many failed terror trials does this make now during which the prosecutor's have relied on the testimony of Israeli secret agents, meownders?

Holy Land principals face retrial

Photos said to show Israeli target in Syria - paper

Inside Gaza: the main players Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement, emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood in 1987. It created a network of charitable institutions, which endeared it to Palestinians, particularly when set against the perceived self-interest and corruption of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority after 1994. It carried out its first suicide bombing in 1994 after the murder of 29 Palestinians by an Israeli in Hebron, and the tactic became its hallmark. While Hamas was the most effective militant group in its attacks on Israeli military and civilian targets, it has not carried out a suicide attack since 2004.

A tale of two factions Conal Urquhart in Gaza City traces the recent fortunes of Hamas and Fatah in Gaza

Paulsen urged to push Iran resolution Making their pleas were U.S. Rep. Tom Lantos (D-Calif.), chairman of the foreign affairs committee, and member Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.)

Mistrial in Muslim charity funding trial deals blow to US ‘war on terror’ Juror William Neal, 33, said the trial fell apart because of a lack of evidence......."I didn't see the defendants giving money to Hamas. They were giving money to the Palestinian people."

Oxford cancels one-state debate When Peace Now-UK co-chair Paul Usiskin saw Finkelstein's name on the team opposing the motion, he expressed concern that "a far-left detractor of Israel" had been chosen to defend the existence of the Jewish state.

Neocons Surge Against Antiwar Movement Pro-Israel and Christian Right groups are attempting to raise $200 million for a campaign calling for war with Iran.

Barak shuns dovish past with eye on old job the man who offered the Palestinians unprecedented concessions in his last days in office, only to be spurned, is repackaging himself as a hard-liner to compete with the other former prime minister with an eye on his old job, the hawkish Benjamin Netanyahu.

Israelis Reject U.S. as Middle East Arbitrator

Incident instilled fear in citizens The USS Liberty incident is just one of a myriad of "operations" throughout U.S. history perpetrated by our government. Mm. I don't know if I agree with that assessment, though I've heard it before.

Syria to issue ID cards to Golan residents The move aims to "ease the suffering" of the Druze people living on the Golan, caused by "harassment and Israeli human rights violations,"

A Former Florida Professor, Al-Arian, Again Rebuffed Over Contempt Citation

Israeli general: Hezbollah strike is legit Israel reserves the right to launch a pre-emptive strike against Hezbollah, a top Israeli general said.

WJC to Austria: Toughen Iran sanctions Austria must toughen sanctions against Iran, the World Jewish Congress head told Austria's chancellor.

Washington may rethink terror cases after mistrial: experts How much more taxpayer money will be thrown down the toilet based on dubious claims by secret government agents and witchhunts likely egged on by the Israeli lobby, mewonders?

Media watchdog takes aim at 'Israel's Jewish defamers' The conference comes amidst a growing assault on American Jewish supporters of Israel for their alleged role in stifling free debate of American policy in the Middle East. At a conference in Chicago earlier this month, several "defamers" fingered by CAMERA in the past accused the pro-Israel community of working to suppress criticism of Israel. CAMERA is a staunchly pro-Israel media 'watchdog' that makes sure criticism of Israel is stifled in the mainstream media in America.

Banned and Denounced in the Middle East, Renowned Lebanese Musician Hits Unexpected Roadblock in U.S.A.: Discrimination in San Diego Will Not Stop Arab Oud Master & Composer?s Extensive North American Fall Tour Concert organizers?who had been in touch with the venue for several months and had followed their application process rigorously?were told that a concert by Khalife?an UNESCO Artist for Peace? would be "divisive" and "unbalanced" because it does not present an Israeli artist alongside Khalife.

Investigative Scholar Says 'Radical Islam' Was Dreamed Up in Israel in the '90s as the 'Glue' to U.S.-Israeli Alliance "There was a feeling in Israel that because of the end of the Cold War, relations with the U.S. were cooling and we needed some new glue for the alliance... And the new glue... was radical Islam. And Iran was radical Islam."

Jordan to adopt water allocation system to address "alarming" shortage According to the experts, Jordan shares most of its surface water with Syria, the Palestinian territories and Israel while its underground water aquifers are shared with Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Bir Zeit University Students protest in support of Negev detainees

Palestinian stowaway charged

Indonesia hails international conference on Palestine

Abed al-Raheem meets Russian Foreign Affairs Deputy

Jewish Group Condemns Meeting by Extremist Jewish Defence League The Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians condemns a public meeting by the Jewish Defence League planned for tonight and calls on the Shaarei Tefillah Synagogue (3600 Bathurst Street) to cancel the event which features a speech by far-right Israeli politician Moshe Feiglin who has advocated the revocation of Israeli citizenship from non-Jews and the large scale deportation of Palestinians resident in Israel.

Netanyahu: Israel must keep Jerusalem Territory taken by force is inadmissible under international law. How much territory taken by Nazi forces was Germany allowed to retain after WWII? So why should Israel be allowed to do so?

Feds see Jewish coroner as 'flight risk' A Jewish coroner charged with fraud is a "flight risk to Israel," according to a U.S. federal prosecutor.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Headlines for 10-22-07

Israeli troops kill two Palestinian militants

Palestine expects to reach solution with Israel next year Palestine expected to achieve a real solution to the bloody-long conflict with Israel next year, President Mahmoud Abbas said here Monday.

Israeli allows entry of anaesthetic gas into Gaza Strip Israel allowed the entry of 151 cannisters of nitrous oxide for medical use into the Gaza Strip Monday, enough for several months, a spokesman for the Israeli army's District Coordination Office (DCO) said. Why do they act AFTER the international media catch whiff of this type of thing?

Islamic Jihad fires seven rockets at Israel

Iran's president warns against being "trapped" by U.S.-sponsored peace conference

Prisoners issue to be included in any final deal with Israel: Official

Palestinian Jihad member charged with involvement in 2005 terror attack

PLO member says Hamas talks with Israel via mediators

Israeli airstrike on Hamas police car wounds two An Israeli aircraft fired a missile at a Hamas police car south of the Gaza City on Monday afternoon, wounding two Hamas policemen on board, witnesses and Hamas police sources said.

New Hamas-Islamic Jihad ceasefire announced after one Palestinian is killed in Rafah

Car carrying Hamas members explodes in Gaza Hamas said it believed the blast was caused by a roadside bomb. Tensions remain high in Gaza between Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups four months after Islamists took control of the territory.

Report: Israel denies access for urgent care The increased rejection of patients on unspecified security grounds has led to the deaths of at least five people since June, when Hamas seized control of Gaza, and several others have lost limbs or eyesight, according to Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, which helps Palestinians who have been refused exit for treatment.

Palestine ready for peace with Israel: Abbas Palestinians are ready to implement the road map for peace with Israel, President Mahmoud Abbas has said during his visit to Indonesia.

U.N. watchdog: Iran not immediate threat Ehud Olmert slammed the head of the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency for downplaying the Iranian nuclear threat. Oh dear.

Israel accused after 30 injured in prison battle A Palestinian prisoner was in a serious condition in hospital last night after pitched battles between prison officers and detainees at the remote Ketziot prison left at least 30 people injured.

Persona non grata in Gaza Leaders of Hamas have always been clear in their support for Gaza's Christian community, but the murder of Rami Ayad has called into question their ability to protect that community and maintain law and order in general.

Palestinian child dies of wounds sustained during Israeli invasion of Tulkarem Zein Mare'y, aged eight-years-old, on Monday morning died of wounds sustained during an Israeli army invasion of the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem on Friday night.

Mideast agreement must pass Israeli vote Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has pledged to seek parliamentary approval for any significant agreement with the Palestinians, including the joint declaration of principles he is trying to reach ahead of a U.S.-sponsored Mideast conference later this year, according to a letter released Monday.

Bush asks for $46 billion more for wars The State Department is requesting $550 million to combat drug trafficking in Mexico and Central America, $375 million for the West Bank and Gaza and $239 million for diplomatic costs in Iraq.

Israeli police seize 500 Palestinian workers in Israel

Iran tops agenda as Olmert visits Europe Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert begins a European tour on Monday to meet the new leaders of France and Britain for the first time and to push his campaign against Iran's nuclear drive.

Detainee dies of wounds sustained during Negev prison attack

PLC slams treatment of Negev detainees The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), dominated by Hamas movement, issued a press release on Monday slamming Israeli attacks against the detainees in the Negev Detention Facility, and stated that at least 300 detainees had been injured, some seriously.

Spokesman for Abbas calls on U.S. to turn words into deeds

Hamas says former spokesman's criticisms fabricated The Islamic Hamas movement said Monday it was convinced a statement criticizing the movement's takeover of Gaza Strip in June was a forgery and had not been written by a former spokesman for leader Ismail Haniya.

Israeli pipeline spills 40 tons of oil About 40 tons of oil spilled Monday from a land pipeline carrying crude from the port of Ashkelon in southern Israel to refineries in the northern city of Haifa, a fire department spokesman said.

Mistrial in US Hamas funding case The jury forewoman admitted surprise at the action of the three jurors. "When we voted, there was no issue in the vote. No-one spoke up any different. I really don't understand where it is coming from."

GOP lawmakers want Syria attack info "If this event proves that Syria acquired nuclear expertise or material from North Korea, Iran, or other rogue states, it would constitute a grave threat to international security for which Syria and any other involved parties must be held accountable," said the op-ed appearing last week in the Wall Street Journal and signed by Reps. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) and Peter Hoekstra (R-Mich.)

Evangelicals up payments to Iranian olim U.S. evangelical Christians are offering Iranian Jews $10,000 per person to immigrate to Israel. They know that the US is going to bomb Iran soon.

Giuliani cites Israel to evangelicals Rudy Giuliani cited his love for Israel and the Jewish roots of Christianity in appealing to evangelical Christians. Be wary of such a passionate attachment (<--truer words never spoken).

Ackerman, Boustany team on P.A. support A Jewish congressman and an Arab-American colleague are soliciting signatures for a letter urging greater U.S. funding for Palestinian Authority reforms.

Fla. governor: Kotel prayer saved state Crist, who governs the state with the nation's third-highest Jewish population, traveled to Israel in May to promote economic ties. He was criticized recently by the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union for hanging a mezuzah outside his office in Tallahassee.

Bush administration slams Lukashenko In an Oct. 12 broadcast, Alexander Lukashenko said of Bobruisk, a Belarusian port city: "This is a Jewish city, and the Jews are not concerned for the place they live in. They have turned Bobruisk into a pig sty. Look at Israel -- I was there."

King receives cable of thanks from Palestinian party leader in Israel His Majesty King Abdullah received a cable from the Pan-Arab Nationalistic Party leader in Israel Mohammad Hassan Kana'an expressing appreciation to the King's efforts aimed to safeguard Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem.

Artist Emily Jacir awarded prestigious Golden Lion

David Miliband in effort to heal UK-US relations There has been disquiet within the White House, particularly among aides to Vice President Dick Cheney, about the rapid withdrawal of British forces in southern Iraq.

Nablus residents protest against treatment of Negev detainees

British Gas: Yaalon's assumptions are wrong British Gas denied Sunday former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe (Bugi) Yaalon's claim, that the government's decision not to engage in a ground operation in the Gaza Strip was somehow related to Israel's pending natural gas deal with the company.

Diary of Pax Christi visit to Israel and Palestine

Boat people risk all to reach Greece The infant and her mother, Deqa, were trying to sneak into Greece from the Turkish mainland when the smuggler's vessel ran into a storm and foundered. A Palestinian man, who was helming the dinghy, attempted to save the girl but by the time he reached Samos Island she was dead.

'West Bank, UK' New Musical by Safdie, Cohen Premieres 11/29 "In the new musical West Bank, UK, when Israeli ex-patriot, Assaf Ben-Moshe Benvenisti, breaks up with his German girlfriend and returns home to his rent-controlled flat on the West Bank of London, he discovers that Palestinian refugee, Aziz Hamoud, has taken over his lease. Their American landlord is torn between the two men, and urges them to work out their differences and learn to live together in harmony,"

Hezbollah hands over letter from missing Israeli airman Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has given Israel a photograph and poignant letter written by an airman missing for more than 20 years, as part of a rare prisoner swap, a newspaper said on Monday.