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Headlines for 05-30-08

Gaza woman dies of wounds after Israeli fire: medics A 60-year-old Palestinian woman died on Friday of wounds she sustained when gunshots were fired from an Israeli military position near her home in the Gaza Strip, medics and relatives said.

Tutu: Silence on Gaza blockade shames us all Archbishop Desmond Tutu has denounced the international community for its "silence and complicity" on what he called Israel's "abominable" 11-month blockade of Gaza.

U.S. Withdraws Fulbright Grants to Gaza The American State Department has withdrawn all Fulbright grants to Palestinian students in Gaza hoping to pursue advanced degrees at American institutions this fall because Israel has not granted them permission to leave. WTF? Wow.

House members press Swiss on Iran deal

Student trapped in Gaza asks Blair for help to beat travel ban For Mr Abuajwa and many other students seeking to study abroad, the description of Gaza as a "big prison" is more than just a slogan

More rockets hit south; Islamic Jihad claims responsibility

Egyptian efforts to broker truce with Israel fruitless

One civilian dies of wounds sustained on Wednesday

Act Now! Stop the Closing of Orphanages and Schools in Hebron by the Israeli Military It is therefore of utmost importance that all NGOs and internationals who have been involved in this campaign continue to pressure their governments to insist that Israel not only stop this action but also pay restitution for the losses suffered by the institutions involved. Please contact your Congress Representatives or Members of Parliament as soon as possible.

Is President Bush becoming irrelevant? by Patrick J. Buchanan Neoconservative ideology, not U.S. national interests, McClellan is saying, motivated Bush to launch one of the longest and most divisive wars in U.S. history.....Israel has ignored Bush's demand that it stop building and expanding settlements on a West Bank that is to be the heartland of a Palestinian state. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been secretly negotiating with Syria for the return of the Golan Heights in exchange for peace. Another gem by Mr. PJB.

Rice to check why US cancels grants to Palestinian scholars US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice vowed Friday to look into a report that her department has scrapped grants to Palestinian scholars because they could not get Israeli approval to leave Gaza. It is doubtful that she will actually do anything about it.

Israel seeks international peace talks amid political uncertainty Amid political uncertainty in Israel and the United States, the Jewish state's deputy prime minister Haim Ramon called Friday for an international conference to forge an interim Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.

Israel uses gunfire to repel Hamas border rally

Thousands protest Gaza blockade Thousands of people joined the demonstration called by Hamas to demand that Israel lift its crippling blockade of the impoverished enclave

Talking to Hamas As for the latest announcement that Syria and Israel are prepared to open peace talks again, Mishaal said that he supports Syria's decision but that he believes these talks will come at the expense of the more difficult and complicated Palestinian negotiations.....Mishaal acknowledged that the Carter visit was "fruitful," and he repeated his pledge to Carter that Shalit would be allowed to write a letter to his family. "The president requested the letter, and it's out of respect for Carter we have agreed to that. We requested from our brothers in Gaza that they allow that letter, and it will be coming soon."

Palestinians pin biz hopes on high-tech industry

Fatah calls for Arab efforts to reconcile with Hamas

B'tselem: Israel refuses to issue ID cards to unregistered Palestinians Since the occupation began in 1967, Israel has exercised almost total control over the Palestinian population registry and has sole power to determine who is a Palestinian resident.

AIPAC draft agenda: Iran, peace, terrorism Much of a draft proposal obtained by JTA focuses on backing existing efforts in Congress and elsewhere to further isolate Iran until it ends its suspected nuclear weapons program. The agenda also promotes Israel's qualitative military edge in the region and the peace process.

Dozens captured in Israeli incursion in Gaza: witnesses Israeli troops used loudspeakers to order residents of the Beit Hanun area aged 16 to 60 to gather in a square, and then took away about 60 of them, according to Mohammed al-Kafarneh, who said he witnessed the incident.

PLC slams the Israeli abduction of assistant of the detained Legislative Council head Srour lives in the West Bank city of Ramallah and was kidnapped by the army after the soldiers broke into his home and searched it.

Wild pigs attack Palestinian farmers in several West Bank areas

Chertoff: Hezbollah Makes Al Qaeda Look 'Minor League' JERUSALEM ? Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff warned Thursday that the radical Islamic group Hezbollah "makes Al Qaeda look like a minor league team," and poses the greatest threat to national security. WHOSE national security would that be? He's utterly insane if he was referring to the nation that he is SUPPOSED to be serving - AMERICA.

American Jewish Committee Won't Touch Hagee on Holocaust; Silence from AIPAC, ADL

Japan gives 5.7 million US dollars for food aid to Palestine refugees

Jimmy Carter is right to say the unsayable This week at the Hay book festival, despite asserting that Israel?s security was his prime concern, his criticism of Israel?s actions on the West Bank and Gaza was far beyond sentiments ever issued by a leading US politician in office. ?It is politically impossible for anyone holding public office or running for it to be critical of Israel,? he said, while accusing European governments of a ?supine? approach.

Bin Laden turns his mind to Israel in one recent statement he called Palestine "my nation's pivotal issue". It was, he declared, "an important factor in giving me since childhood, and giving the 19 free men (who carried out the 9/11 attacks), an overwhelming feeling that we must stand by the oppressed and punish the unjust Jews and their backers."In fact, Palestine has never been an operational priority for the group.

Search Is Urged for Syrian Nuclear Sites The Bush administration is pressing U.N. inspectors to broaden their search for possible secret nuclear facilities in Syria, hinting that Damascus's nuclear program might be bigger than the single alleged reactor destroyed by Israeli warplanes last year. The 'evidence' of that alleged reactor destroyed by Israel was largely provided BY ISRAEL, according to former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Giraldi.

Israel Imposes a 10-Year Ban on American Critic of Israeli Policies

Hezbollah says ready to discuss defense strategy but not give up weapons

Syrian source: Israel did not ask us to sever ties with Iran

New type of migrant settles in Sderot In the last few years, a growing number of collaborators from Gaza have ended up in the Israeli town of Sderot, the place that, more than any inside Israel, has come under missile fire from Palestinian militants in Gaza.

Neo-Cons Silent on Hagee Repudiation by McCain it was the neo-cons, mainly Irving Kristol and Commentary?s former editor, Norman Podhoretz, who, like the Likud party (whose then-leader, Prime Minister Menahim Begin, gave the late Jerry Falwell his first private jet), saw Christian Zionists as a key political constituency in the U.S. that would mobilize effectively against any inclination by a future U.S. president to pressure Israel to dismantle Jewish settlements on the West Bank or remove Jewish settlers from East Jerusalem as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians

Interfaith group blasts Dunkin' on keffiyeh "Enough already," Rev. C. Welton Gaddy, the alliance's president, said in a statement. "Have we really reached the point where we are associating wearing a scarf of Middle Eastern origin with terrorist sympathies? Should we apply this standard to everything that comes from the Middle East? Or are we only applying this standard to our wardrobe?"

Thomas' oft-ignored view happily received It was a great pleasure to read the excellent May 19 column by Helen Thomas. The column about the plight of the Palestinian people went right to the point of the treatment they received.

Commentary overlooked Israel's bias against non-Jews

USC, UCLA professors work on Israeli-Palestinian archaeological pact

ISRAEL @ 60 ? Inside the Neturei Karta

U.S. vows to reach Middle East peace deal

Council of Religious Institutions calls for ceasefire, condemns Bible burnings The religious leaders released two statements, one calling for an end to the violence in the Holy Land and the other denouncing the recent Bible burnings in Or Yehudah.

Germany: Our responsibility for Holocaust commits us to Israel

Office Head called on churches in the world to raise the motto of: ³it is
time for the birth of the Palestinian State², and called for the immediate
lifting of the siege against Gaza

Jewish GOPers to broadcast board Halperin of New Jersey is a former chairwoman of the Republican Jewish Coalition and once led a campaign against perceived anti-Israel bias at National Public Radio, one of the institutions that receives CPB funding.

DHS Looks to Adopt Israeli Airport Security Methods While in Jerusalem for a conference attended by public and homeland security ministers from around the world, Chertoff signed an agreement with Israel to share technology and information on methods to improve homeland security. An incredibly unwise move. That's the last thing we should be doing.

Britain looked to Israel when studying military deception After Egypt blocked the strategic Straits of Tiran and expelled U.N. forces from the Sinai Desert, Israel launched pre-emptive strikes on June 5, 1967, against Egyptian and Syrian air forces, destroying them on the ground. In six days of one-sided battles, Israeli forces captured the West Bank, Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip and Sinai from Jordan, Syria and Egypt. In an unsigned, top secret military document, that war was cited as "an example of how deception can be employed in the modern era and in such a way that the enemy decision making process is placed at a severe disadvantage."

The 106-Year-Old Refugee In the process of making Chronicles of the Refugee, a six-part Arab language documentary series about the global Palestinian experience, Adam Shapiro came across a most unusual potential interview subject. At Yarmuk Camp in Damascus, Syria, he met Yusra, a woman born 46 years before the U.S. Partition of Palestine in 1948, making her 106 years of age.

Repairing Nahr al-Bared to cost $400 million

Dutch to give EUR 1.3m for Palestinian prisons The Netherlands is contributing EUR 1.3 million for the renovation of seven Palestinian prisons in the West Bank.

DSPR CENTRAL COMMITTEE & ROUND TABLE MEETINGS The Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees has concluded its Central
Committee meeting (May 7 - 9) and its Round Table meeting (May 10 -11).
The meeting of the Central Committee reviewed the work in the different
Areas (Gaza Strip, West Bank, Nazareth, Jordan Lebanon and Central Office)
and commended the continuing efforts of all in spite of great odds and

Sderot and Gaza: third letters Tell me how many UN resolutions concerning Palestine have been implemented? According to the UN, we have the right to return to our homes. Yet to this day, nothing has happened.

Dershowitz, in Teaneck, makes the case against Carter Before his presentation, Dershowitz spoke with this newspaper about his forthcoming book, "The Case Against President Carter and Other Israel?s enemies," due out in September. Unbelievable.

Saturday brings first wheelchair basketball season Sofan's background may help to ensure the success of the Saturday wheelchair basketball program. As a native Palestinian, Sofan played for the national wheelchair basketball team as well as the swimming and table tennis teams. He was also the coach of a Palestinian wheelchair basketball club.

Boycott US doughnut chain for halting scarf ad, activists urge "Dunkin Donuts has capitulated and withdrawn an advertisement for its products following the allegation ... that the spokeswoman in the ad was wearing a kaffiyeh, a scarf which is a staple of clothing traditionally worn by Palestinian men," the ANSWER Coalition said in a statement.

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Headlines for 05-28-08

Two Hamas militants killed in southern Gaza

Palestinians live in horror of losing their homes Salim Hamed Jaber, 85, shook his head angrily as he recounted how an Israeli soldier drove up to his impoverished household in the occupied West Bank to deliver a demolition order. .....Al-Aqaba, population 300, is one of several West Bank communities that could be wiped off the map if the demolition orders are carried out.

Israeli demolition threatens 3,000 Palestinian homes: UN Thousands of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank risk being displaced as the Israeli authorities threaten to tear down their homes and in some cases entire communities, a UN agency said on Wednesday.

In Beit Hanoun, Tutu visits a family torn apart by shells The shelling killed 18 Palestinian civilians, all members of the Athamna extended family, among them 14 women and children.

UN team 'devastated' by Gaza stories: Tutu

Amnesty: Siege on Gaza gravest humanitarian crisis yet The report states that over 370 Palestinians were killed by IDF fire, of which half were civilians and 50 were children. Thousands were injured during the attacks, which were launched in retaliation to Qassam rocket fire and the shooting at Israeli settlements and IDF checkpoints near Gaza by Palestinian gunmen.

Patient no. 167 dies in Gaza due to the Israeli blockade

Abbas sees Olmert crisis hurting peace talks

VIDEO: Jerusalem camera catches brutal attack by Jewish teens on Arab youths

Erekat: Israel, Palestinians have gaps over final status issues

Israeli settlers and army started to expand illegal settlement on Bil'in land

Hamas hails Egyptian gas supply to Gaza The government of the Islamic Hamas movement in Gaza welcomed on Wednesday a proposal for supplying Gaza Strip main power plant with Egyptian gas.

Hamas says discusses prisoner issues with Abbas in Ramallah

Keep up resistance, Iran tells Hamas

Israeli naval forces detain 10 Palestinian fishermen on Rafah shores

Gaza: One Palestinian woman and her two children injured due to unknown explosion

Tutu asks Hamas to halt rocket fire NOBEL peace laureate Desmond Tutu urged a senior Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip overnight to put an end to rocket attacks by militant groups against Israel.

Iran-Syria sign defence pact

Israeli forces storm Qalqilya, arrest five Israeli forces on Tuesday arrested five Palestinians in an ongoing raid into West Bank city of Qalqilya, Palestinian security sources said.

The Israeli army attacks a peaceful protest in a village near Ramallah The villagers along with international and Israeli peace activists were protesting the illegal Israeli wall and settlement construction on the village land.

Hamas says discusses prisoner issues with Abbas in Ramallah

Iran Aiding, Arming Hezbollah and Hamas, Says Israel

AL forms special committee on Israeli crimes against Palestinians

Israel arrests 25 Palestinians in West Bank

Palestinians say 10 wounded in protest against security fence near Modi'in

Border Police hurt 16 activists near Na'alin separation fence

Physicians for Human Rights - Israel update In a hearing regarding 13 petitions submitted by PHR-Israel to the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ), held yesterday afternoon (26.5.08), the judges decided not to intervene in the decision of the GSS (General Security Service, shabac) to deny life-saving care to patients from Gaza, and to leave them in Gaza with no treatment.

Human rights abuses seen up in Gaza and W.Bank

Egypt to supply Gaza power plant with gas During the past three weeks, the fuel Israel sent to Gaza was even less than the reduced amounts that supposed to be received, the Gaza Petrol Stations Owners Union said.

Hamas still awaits Israeli response on Egypt's ceasefire proposal

Israel has denied 94 percent of requests for West Bank building permits: U.N.

Hamas calls for demonstration near southern Gaza crossing

Protestor who waves Palestine flag on crane in Bilin removed after 5 hours

Prophecy of retribution In 1913, after a correspondent had complained of the contemptuous attitude of settlers and the Zionist Organisation's Palestine Office, Ha'am wrote back, "When I realise that our brethren may be morally capable of treating another people in this fashion and of crudely abusing what is sacred to them, then I cannot but reflect: if such is the situation now, how shall we treat others if one day we actually become the rulers of Palestine?"

Lecturer union urges moral review of Israeli college links A lecturers' union was last night accused of launching a new academic boycott of Israel after it agreed a policy to call on its members to "consider" their links with Israeli institutions.

Olmert 'took cash in envelopes'

Victoria Clark: Here's a US pastor we should really worry about

MK Eldad: Anyone ceding Israeli territory should be sentenced to death The occupied territories are PALESTINIAN.

Barack Obama supporter accuses Jewish lobby members of McCarthyism Zbigniew Brzezinski, a former national security adviser, said that the pro-Israel lobby in the US was too powerful, while the slur of anti-Semitism was too readily used whenever its power was called into question.

Fox: Carter 'outing' of Israeli nukes helps Iran

And what else did you learn? A policeman of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' security force balances a baton on his nose in Jericho, West Bank, after a ceremony celebrating the graduation of 600 cops trained in Jordan.

Narratives under siege: Eighteen years of work destroyed in less than four hours Nasser Jaber?s chicken farm was bulldozed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) ten days ago, in the early morning hours of May 16, while he was sleeping at home in Rafah

10 wanted Palestinians arrested overnight

J Street to Lieberman: Cut Hagee ties A dovish pro-Israel lobby wants U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman to cut ties with the Rev. John Hagee

Eviction orders approved for 2 settler-occupied Hebron stores

Hundreds of New Testaments torched in Israel

LBJ tapes show a strong connection to Israel I don't have a problem with any president of the US having an emotional connection to Israel - just leave the rest of us OUT OF IT.

Israeli occupation Israel has its own brand of killing, fighting, hating and destroying. It's called occupation.

US congressmen demand UNRWA reform How is the US Congress serving YOU (as an American) lately, mm? Oops, they can't. They're too busy bowing down to a NATION OTHER THAN THIS ONE.

Media coverage of Israel 'unfair': consul general "Some articles were very favourable, but other media - this attempt to 'balance' between [presentation] of Israel's independence and the [Palestinian] 'nakbar' [catastrophe] - it was very distressful to me, as if depicting two sides of the same coin. Suddenly the pro-Israeli community has a problem with 'balance', only when they cannot be the dominant voice (like here in America).

Tear gas and the tree

Former Belgian Minister sparks ire of Jewish community with remarks on Israel A former Belgian Defense Minister sparked the ire of the Jewish community after he reportedly compared Israel?s policy toward the Palestinians to the fate of the Jews during World War II.

Palestinian police get riot control training from EU after fatal clash last year

Letter: Protesters at Celebrate Israel event not calling for ethnic cleansing

Egyptian-born Israelis cancel Egypt tour amid hostile campaign The group of 45 elderly Jews of Egyptian descent were planning a four-day trip to Egypt that was to begin on May 25 after Egyptian media reported that the delegation would try to reclaim family properties seized by Egypt in the 1950s.

Gaza Strip : journalists suspected of Fatah links continue to be arrested

Lawmakers slam Jordan's foreign policy towards Syria, Palestinians

U.S., Israel, Canada and European countries co-operate on anti-terror efforts Israel's minister of public security says nine countries, including Canada, are co-operating to create a counterterrorism network.

Vatican, Israel report 'substantial' progress in talks The two sides have been negotiating over the legal status of the Roman Catholic Church in Israel, notably the disposition of Church property and tax exemptions for revenue earned by Christian communities.

Study: Jews, Arabs support coexistence

NJ Surgeon to Perform Complex Facial Reconstruction on Palestinian Boy Injured in Bomb Explosion

Palestinian cell service still on hold nearly a year and a half after arriving here, the chief executive officer of Wataniya Palestine Telecom is still waiting for Israel to release cellular frequencies.

Defending Palestinians This pursuit of justice for Palestinians has made "hate mongers" of many notable persons these past 60 years. Just to mention a few: former President Jimmy Carter, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Bertrand Russell, Mahatma Gandhi.

WCC NEWS: Email a peace prayer to Bethlehem

Palestinian security forces return from US-paid training

Israelis and Palestinians Launch Web Start-Up

What to tell the kids when protesters mar Israel celebrations The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a national coalition that includes many anti-Israel organizations, is launching an advertising campaign in New York in advance of the city's June 1 tribute to Israel, which is likely to be the largest celebration of Israel outside the Jewish homeland itself.

Hagee bows out of '08 race, but vows to fight on for Israel

After weeks of feuding over Mideast, candidates head to AIPAC parley They have engaged in a bruising battle over Iran policy. McCain favors increased isolation for Iran, Obama favors what he calls tough diplomacy and direct negotiations, and both are casting their arguments in terms of what's better for Israel The obeisance is utterly disgusting.

Two men accused of agreeing to broadcast the Hezbollah television channel al-Manar to U.S. customers will face trial on terrorism charges in January, a U.S. judge ruled on Wednesday.

Dunkin Donuts Pulls Ad Featuring Rachael Ray In A Scarf That Looks Too Arab Dunkin Donuts has pulled a commercial featuring pitchwoman Rachael Ray wearing a scarf because Michelle Malkin and other conservative observers thought the scarf looked too much like a keffiyeh

Canada's prime minister seen as key to growing support for Israel Elected with a minority Conservative government in January 2006, Harper has left an
unmistakable record of solidly and unapologetically pro-Israel moves and statements, mostly to the delight of the country's 370,000 Jews......The Canada-Israel Committee reports that in the past three years, there have been 13 "constructive vote changes" -- including shifts from a "yes" or "no" to abstentions -- on issues related to Palestine and Israel. Poor Canada.

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Headlines for 05-26-08

11-year-old killed by unexploded IDF ordinance near Ramat Hovav

4 killed in horrific car accident near Modi'in Four illegal Palestinian workers died and three others were injured when their car hit a bus near Mitzpe Modi'in on Route 443 on Sunday just before noon.

Gaza blockade is 'human rights crime': Carter Former US president Jimmy Carter on Sunday described Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip as "one of the greatest human rights crimes now existing on Earth." This was TOTALLY IGNORED by the US media. AGAIN. You tell me - who RUNS THIS PLACE?

Jimmy Carter says Israel had 150 nuclear weapons Israel has 150 nuclear weapons in its arsenal, former President Jimmy Carter said yesterday, while arguing that the US should talk directly to Iran to persuade it to drop its nuclear ambitions.

Israel 'has 150 nuclear weapons' Former Israeli military intelligence chief Aharon Zeevi-Farkash told Reuters news agency he considered Mr Carter's comments "irresponsible".
"The problem is that there are those who can use these statements when it comes to discussing the international effort to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapons," he said.
Oh dear.

Abbas: No progress in talks with Israel

Israel allows limited quantities of fuels into Gaza

US scientist gives Israeli prize to Palestinians David Mumford said he would donate his $33,333 portion of the Wolf Prize to a Palestinian university and an Israeli group that tries to ease Israeli travel restrictions on Palestinian students. He said he believes freedom of movement is crucial to intellectual development.

Intel Supports Education in Palestine As part of its ongoing commitment to Palestine and in line with its active role within the U.S. Palestinian Partnership (UPP), Intel announced today a range of education and digital inclusion initiatives at the Palestine Investment Conference

Armed Israeli settlers steal a flock of sheep from Palestinian farmers near Hebron.

Palestinians question man over suspicious envelope delivered to prime minister

Settlement issue hinders talks Despite Israeli commitments to end settlement expansion, both planning and construction are moving forward every day across the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In the six months since negotiations resumed between Israel and the Palestinians, settlements have remained a sore point.

13 Palestinians wounded in the Gaza Strip on Saturday

Mideast conflict takes its toll on children This asymmetry in Palestinian and Israeli child deaths is key in understanding the perpetuation of this conflict.

Egypt in new bid to find Gaza truce but Israel doubtful

ICRC urges Israel to allow jail visits by Gaza families The International Committee of the Red Cross on Monday urged Israel to allow families from the besieged Gaza Strip to visit their relatives detained in Israeli jails.

Israel 'would consider strike' amid fears over Iran's weapons programme With US President George Bush nearing the end of his term, the likelihood of US military action appears to be fading. The strong chance of Democrat Barack Obama winning the presidential race means Israel will have to consider going it alone.....Bar also pointed to a paper to be published next month by the Washington Institute for Near East Strategy. Its authors, Patrick Clawson and Michael Eisenstadt, argue that it should not be assumed an attack on Iran would result in a doomsday-type scenario. That aforementioned 'thinktank' is another neocon front.

Israel charges Iran spy suspect

Carter urges 'supine' Europe to break with US over Gaza blockade Carter said the Quartet's policy of not talking to Hamas unless it recognised Israel and fulfilled two other conditions had been drafted by Elliot Abrams, an official in the national security council at the White House. He called Abrams "a very militant supporter of Israel".

Carter blasts EU over Palestine "It's a horrible punishment of them and to see Europe go along with this, I think is embarrassing. It shoul;d be embarrassing. There's no reason to treat people this way."

Palestinian officials to visit Cairo seeking fuel for Gaza

Hamas wants Arabs to broker Palestinian accord

Hamas: Israel's demand for stopping arms smuggling blocks Gaza ceasefire

Two Gaza rockets land in S Israel

'J'lem offers 91% of W. Bank in new map' Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat and other PA officials, however, told The Jerusalem Post that the report is unsubstantiated.

Report: Israel steps up detention campaigns against Palestinians

Palestinian militants consider Israeli partial pullout of Erez "victory" Palestinian militants on Monday said an Israeli decision to pull non-combat soldiers out of a crossing point with the Hamas-rule Gaza Strip was a victory for resistance movements against the Jewish state.

Hamas seeks mediation from Qatar, AL for reconciliation with Fatah

Qatari Diar?s Palestinian project hailed Middle East envoy Tony Blair promised support of the donor community to Qatari Diar?s Palestinian planned community project ? the development of the town of Rawabi.

Olmert: Israel won't open key Gaza crossing now

Desmond Tutu to investigate killing of Palestinians in Gaza After 18 months of being denied a visa by Israel, the Nobel Peace Prize winner is expected to cross the border at Rafah via Egypt

Palestinians, Israel approve Egypt's vision on truce: Report

Leichhardt Council stops Hebron exhibition In September, a plan put to the council for a sister-city relationship with the Palestinian town of Hebron, on Israel's West Bank, was scuttled after protests from local residents and Jewish groups. The Aussies too must be 'balanced'.

Kennedy's cancer could signify loss of profound Israel ally

International caucus backs one Jerusalem the groups' first conference, held in Washington under the auspices of U.S. Reps. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) and Dave Weldon (R-Fla.), co-chairmen of the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus.

Progress seen in prisoner talks Israel and Hezbollah are nearing a breakthrough in prisoner-swap negotiations, sources on both sides said.

Geneva to host racism conference Israel, Canada and the United States have indicated they will boycott the 2009 event, which is slated for April 20-24, as they suspect that Israel again will be targeted unfairly with harsh rhetoric.

Sarkozy: No more Hamas talks France is now shunning Hamas, Nicolas Sarkozy said, after holding informal talks with the radical Palestinian faction.

ISRAEL: Seeing a threat in U.S. academic

Olmert tells critics: No promises made to Syria so far

NORPAC draws 1,000 activists to D.C. Nearly 1,000 activists lobbied for Israel in Washington.

Israel Targets Iran Through Syrian Friendship

Israeli PM says Syria peace talks to remain secret

Helping Israel Help Itself

Olmert says Israel serious about peace with Syria

Ex-army chief says Israel can 'manage' without Golan

Art and politics, and a voice of reason

Palestinians Favour Negotiations with Israel

Ahli target Palestine keeper Ahli have offered a trial to Palestine keeper Ramzi Saleh, assistant coach Hossam Al-Badri said on Sunday.

Israeli peace activist wounded during a protest against roadblocks in Hebron

Jordan's king pledges support to Palestinians in talks with Israel

IDF soldiers to be moved from base near Gaza amid terror threats In unprecedented decision, army instructed to evacuate soldiers serving near Erez crossing due to volatile security situation in area. MK Orlev: This is a cowardly act. Those who run away from terror - terror will chase after them. Are they also planning to relocate Sderot, Kfar Aza and Ashkelon?

Ahmadinejad sure Syria will press struggle against Israel

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Headlines for 05-24-08

Palestinian officials to visit Cairo seeking fuel for Gaza

Syria rejects linking Israel peace with cutting off Iran

Israel to get Hamas answer on truce Sunday

Palestinian PM pleads case for unity Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad insisted unified authority in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip was "absolutely essential" to progress, in a BBC radio programme broadcast Saturday.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad leaders say truce efforts failed

Hamas invites Frensh FM to visit Gaza The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) ruling Gaza Strip called Saturday on French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to visit the territory to learn about the suffering of its people.

Abbas fears Olmert probe may hold up peace talks

Hamas: Israeli PM too weakened to negotiate peace agreement with Syria

Grad rockets land near Netivot Four rockets fired towards western Negev on Saturday, two of them confirmed as longer-range Grads. Residents awaken to first barrage at 6:40 am. No injuries or damage reported

Hamas: Egyptian ceasefire efforts still go on

PNA denies Hamas accepts Abbas forces deployment on Rafah crossing

Building a Case for Attack on Iran's Nuclear Sites it appears that the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) is preparing the case for why an attack ? either by the U.S. or Israel ? on Tehran?s nuclear facilities might not be as calamitous as most analysts, including top Pentagon brass, believe. WINEP, of course, was founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and has acted as an integral part of the so-called Israel Lobby since its launch.

Iran: Israel should withdraw from Golan Heights unconditionally

An Act of War according to Haaretz, Prime Minister Olmert "suggested" that, among other more drastic steps, the US impose a "naval blockade," using U.S. warships, "to limit the movement of Iranian merchant vessels."

Palestinians: Israeli attack wounds 2 Hamas militants in Gaza

Israeli settlement expansion can't be justified, French FM says

Jews defend Hagee's words Nutjobs of a feather flock together. Charming.

Syrian defence minister to hold Tehran talks It is the first visit to Tehran by a Syrian official since Syria and Israel announced on Wednesday that they had resumed peace negotiations indirectly through Turkish mediators.

Hezbollah welcomes Lebanon deal

Sign of change? Israeli, Palestinian officers meet despite the contacts, Palestinians contend that Israeli actions on the ground ? including military incursions and targeted assassinations ? are severely undermining their efforts to establish authority in the West Bank.

Volunteers make huge Palestinian flag to enter Guinness record

From the West Bank to the West Coast - and graduating with honours

Palestinian Youth Express Themselves Through Hip-Hop

Sharing pain, land

Silent protest in Shufa village, Tulkarem, against Israeli road-blocks

Jeff Halper Launches His New Book in the UK If you are in the UK, you are invited to hear Prof. Jeff Halper, Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), at venues around the country for the launch of his new book, ?An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel?.

Light turnout marks Palestinian solidarity rally in Loop

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Headlines for 05-23-08

Deaths of five militants hamper Gaza peace efforts Five Palestinian militants were killed in clashes yesterday with Israeli troops in the Gaza Strip, further undermining efforts to bring a brief truce to the violence-wracked area.

Gaza demo turns deadly after failed border bombing A Palestinian man was killed on Thursday when Israeli troops opened fire on stone-throwing demonstrators protesting at the Jewish state's crippling blockade of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, a medic said.

Saudi Company to invest $250 million in a project in Palestine

Abbas says "east Jerusalem is ours" Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in Bethlehem on Wednesday that east Jerusalem is an occupied Palestinian territory and "it belongs to us, and we will get it back one day."

Pelosi denies Olmert proposed U.S. blockade of Iran "During the luncheon meeting with Prime Minister Olmert, there was never any mention of a U.S. naval blockade of Iranian ports," Elshami said in a statement. He declined to comment further.

No truce unless Israel lifts Gaza blockade: Hamas

Reuters Tackles Israel Over Death In Gaza Reuters bureau chief Alastair Macdonald told Sky News that Shana was operating in line with the agency's safety guidelines by making it clear he was a member of the press - and it is time Israel explains why he died.

Palestinian woman petitions to evict settlers from Shvut Ami outpost

UN says Israel erected more West Bank roadblocks

Hamas delegation to brief Palestinians on Gaza ceasefire talks

$1.4bn pledged for Palestinians

Abbas wants Europe to play vital role in Mideast peace process Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas on Thursday urged Europe to play an important political role in the Middle East peace process.

Iran mosque blast plotters admit Israeli, US links: report

How Israeli fighter pilots threatened to blast Tony Blair?s jet out of sky Tony Blair came within moments of being killed when two Israeli fighter aircraft threatened to shoot down a private jet taking him to a Middle East conference in the belief that it might have been staging a terrorist attack.

12 Palestinians detained for throwing stones near Bethlehem

The Israeli army invades villages near Jenin and kidnaps three civilians

Palestinians say IDF arrested Hamas head in Jenin

A student and a teacher injured during a settlers attack on Hebron school

Army: Truck bomb was aimed at kidnap A truck explosion on the Gaza-Israel border was part of an effort to abduct Israeli soldiers, the Israeli army said.

The Israeli army kidnaps three civilians from the Hebron area

Hamas says Israeli reply to proposed truce 'not enough'

Israeli border guards kill infiltrator from Egypt

Three injured during the weekly protest of Bil'in Villagers from Bil'in, located near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, supported by international and Israeli peace activists conducted their weekly nonviolent protest, on Friday midday, against the illegal Israeli wall built on the village's land.

Critically ill patients from Gaza appeal to Israeli court

Soldier moderately wounded by anti-tank missile in Gaza

Red Crescent to provide $520,000 for Palestinians Qatar Red Crescent (QRC) signed an agreement with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian Refugees yesterday to provide $520,000 for medical and dental equipment.

Israeli Arab driver critically hurt by guard at W. Bank settlement

Israel hit by Bible burning row

Conditions worsening for workers in occupied Arab territories, UN report finds

McCain forced to ditch pastor who claimed God sent Hitler

Israel hopes hard power will do the talking Israel is gambling that its military superiority can persuade an isolated Bashar al-Assad to distance himself from Iran and its allies

US political author Norman Finkelstein denied entry to Israel

Petraeus calls Syria nuclear program troubling

Netanyahu denies saying he wouldn't abide by Syria deal

French TV loses Gaza footage case A French court has ruled in favour of a media watchdog website accused of libel for claiming that footage of a shooting incident in Gaza in 2000 was fake.

Israel asks U.S. for 25 F-35 warplanes, at $80 million a unit legislation in the U.S. Congress forbids the sale of the F-22 on the grounds that it would diminish the U.S. Air Force's advantage. Sources in Israel have expressed hope that U.S. President George W. Bush's recent visit to Israel would ensure the approval necessary to acquire the plane

Mideast negotiations now bypassing Washington

Madonna plans documentary on Israeli-Arab conflict

Settlers briefly invade abandoned army base in Beit Sahour

Obama promises 'unshakable commitment' to Israel if elected Critics have raised doubts about Obama's commitment to the Jewish state, floating rumors that he was a Muslim and linking him to Louis Farrakhan, a prominent black Muslim leader known for his anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

New mobile phone operator to launch in Palestinian territories by end-2008

No time to celebrate as Palestinians still suffer

Thanks to Jimmy Carter for his peace efforts: 2 letters

Palestine Dedicated Fund records a return of 21 per cent in the first four months of 2008

U.S. must recognize the growing injustices

Fashion wars / U.S. store pulls 'pro-violence' Palestinian T-shirt In 2007, it again came into conflict with Jewish and pro-Israel consumers for selling versions of a traditional Arab headdress, the kaffiyeh, as an "anti-war scarf."

Letter: Former president is far from anti-Semitic Contrary to the letter-writer?s belief, not ?everybody? believes Carter is an anti-Semite. The writer follows the American Israel Public Affairs Committee?s line by attacking anyone who does not obey the Eleventh Commandment: ?Thou shalt not oppose or criticize anything done by Israel.?

Land plot in Bethlehem turned over to IOPS Palestinian National Authority (PNA) leader Mahmoud Abbas has turned over to the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society (IOPS) documents on ownership of a land plot in Bethlehem, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Bombing Iran: The Clamor Persists Listening to the questions asked of Gen. David Petraeus in the Senate Thursday, you might think the U.S. was headed for a new war in the Gulf. Senators from both sides of the aisle spent as much time asking him about Iran as they did about Iraq and Afghanistan. Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut grilled Petraeus on Iran's anti-U.S. activities in the region. Sen. Daniel Akaka of Hawaii plaintively asked about the utility of negotiations with Iran.....Following Bush's visit this month, the Jerusalem Post reported that a senior U.S. advisor on the trip had told Israeli officials that Bush was prepared to attack Iran, but that Gates and Rice were blocking the way

Christian legislators gather on Capitol Hill to garner Israel support A delegation of Christian parliamentarians from around the world whose countries have formed pro-Israel parliamentary lobbies gathered Thursday on Capitol Hill in an effort to buttress support for the State of Israel across the globe.

Israel sets demands in new Syrian peace track Israel set terms for concluding a peace deal with Syria on Thursday, closing ranks with Washington in demanding Damascus distance itself from Iran and stop supporting Palestinian and Lebanese militants.

Bush bid to isolate Mideast hardliners backfires: analysts The Bush administration's campaign to isolate Iran and Syria has backfired as the two Middle East hardliners ended up this week sidelining the United States, analysts said.

OPT: OCHA Closure Update May 2008

Japan to give $54 million for food Japan allocated $54 million in emergency grants on Friday to the United Nations to help Afghanistan, Africa and Palestinian refugees cope with the ongoing food crisis

In campaign season, Pelosi takes Israel fight to GOP Pelosi said the two preeminent topics raised by Israeli leaders during her trip to mark the Jewish state's 60th anniversary were the twin threats of Iran and Hamas.

FBI affirms support for AMIA probe The FBI is working to catch the five Iranians involved in the 1994 attack on Argentina's main Jewish center, its deputy director said.

Santa Clara County marks Palestinian Culture Day on 60th Anniversary of al-Nakbah

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Israel sets demands in new Syrian peace track Israel has set terms for concluding a peace deal with Syria, closing ranks with Washington in demanding Damascus distance itself from Iran and stop supporting Palestinian and Lebanese militants.

Orthodox Jews Morn Israel @ 60 Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews, organized by Neturei Karta International,
will demonstrate against the "Walk With Israel" celebration in Toronto.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Headlines for 05-21-08

Israeli attack on rocket launchers kills teenager Palestinian doctors said the missile attack on the Hamas-controlled territory killed a 13-year-old boy and seriously wounded another youth.

Palestinians: Farmer killed in IDF strike in Gaza

The Fourth Estate Fails Again by Philip Giraldi Those who have been following the issue know well that planning to attack Iran is nothing new, that there are many in the Bush administration and outside it who are eager to bomb the mullahs into the stone age. What is different now is that there is a consensus inside the White House that a military attack is not an option but rather a necessity to "send a message" and restrain Iranian ambitions......That a dim bulb like Bush might draw all the wrong lessons from a historical analogy, confusing appeasement with diplomacy, comes as no surprise. But, perhaps inadvertently, he has clearly and unambiguously restated the centrality of Israel to the security problem posed by Iran Philip Giraldi is a former CIA COUNTERTERRORISM official.

Four dead in Israeli air strikes Medics say an aircraft-fired missile hit a group of children near Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza, decapitating a boy, 13, and wounding two others.

Five Gaza children wounded in Israel air raid None of the five -- two babies less than a year old, and children aged five, 12 and 14 -- was seriously hurt, the Palestinian emergency services said.

Five Palestinians wounded, including 5-month-old baby in Israeli airstrike

Pro-Israel caucuses to discuss Elon plan Pro-Israel lawmakers from 13 countries will meet in Washington to affirm support for Israel.....The conference, to take place in one of the congressional office buildings attached to the Capitol, will devote a session to the consideration of ways to end the refugee status of millions of Palestinian.

UN voices concern over worsening health conditions of Palestinian refugees Calling for a boost in funding to continue its operations, a United Nations agency expressed its concern over the deteriorating heath conditions of Palestinian refugees, especially in the West Bank and Gaza, in a new report launched today.

New outpost in South Mount Hebron

U.S. aid to Palestinians to total 280 mln pounds The U.S. government will provide $550 million (280 million pounds) in direct financial support to the Palestinian Territories in 2008 and aims to leverage more in private investment funds to help spur the Palestinian economy, a senior U.S. Treasury official said on Wednesday.

Egypt says Gaza truce close but Israel silent

Palestinians get investment but roadblocks a concern International business executives pledged to invest in the Palestinian economy at a conference in Bethlehem on Wednesday but said Israeli restrictions must be eased for the economy to flourish.

WHO calls on Israel to lift Palestinian blockade

Israel wants more pressure on Iran

Scrapped checkpoints give hope Mansi says he has been able to double deliveries of the rocks his firm hauls around the West Bank thanks to the scrapping of the "Sheep's Junction" checkpoint outside his home south of Hebron.

Olmert proposes naval blockade on Iran: report The Haaretz daily quoted Olmert as telling Nancy Pelosi that "the present economic sanctions have exhausted themselves" and the international community needed to take more drastic steps to stop Iran's efforts to obtain nuclear weapons....The prime minister's suggestions, Haaretz said, included a naval blockade of Iran using U.S. warships to limit the movement of Iranian merchant vessels. That's a blockade 'USING US WARSHIPS', folks. Whose war is this?

U.S. officials to promote Palestinian investments

Minority Palestinians believe Israel to stick to ceasefire

Bush: Deal on Palestinian state before 2009

Bush plays the Hitler card by Patrick J. Buchanan What has Bush's refusal to talk to Hamas, Hezbollah, Damascus and Tehran done to make either Israel or America more secure?

Hamas denies holding direct talks with Israel

Hebron: Israeli settlers and troops attack shepherds; kidnap one

Report: U.S. Will Attack Iran A leading member of America?s Jewish community told Newsmax in April that a military strike on Iran was likely and that Vice President Cheney?s March trip through the Middle East came in preparation for the U.S. attack.

White House denies Iran attack report Army Radio had quoted a top official in Jerusalem claiming that a senior member in the entourage of President Bush, who visited Israel last week, had said in a closed meeting here that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were of the opinion that military action against Iran was called for.

IDF approves establishment of 20 Palestinian police stations in West Bank

Palestinians bidding for business The three-day conference has attracted over 1,000 business people, bankers and government officials from across the Middle East and beyond.

Islamic Jihad promises to commit to ceasefire if Israel does

Soldiers abuse a Palestinian youth for three hours

Palestinians deny Israeli reports over deals on border and security

Islamic Jihad says Israel-connected spy network discovered in Gaza Strip

Israel to add 286 homes to WBank settlement Israel on Wednesday unveiled plans to build new houses in the Jewish settlement of Beitar Illit near Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank, defying international calls to freeze such activity.

Ceasefire talks bring nothing due to Israeli obstacles

Egypt opens Rafah border for 22 Gazans to return home

Troops kidnap six youth, including a handicapped resident, in Hebron

Israeli Authorities demolish apartments in Jerusalem, intend to demolish 22 more

Abbas tells investors: spend in Palestine to help lay foundation for Middle East peace

Former security personnel in Gaza call for a strike on June14 Several police and security officers, who used to be linked to the routed Fatah party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, called on Wednesday for a general strike in June14, 2008 on the first anniversary of Hamas's takeover of the coastal region.

Human Rights Groups in Gaza slam the government for barring a protest commemorating the Nakba

Obama and Israel It?s worth noting that peace would not only be what?s best for Israel, but would also, not incidentally, free the Palestinians from a deadly system of occupation and repression.

Israel and Syria admit the start of formal peace talks in Istanbul

Global Peace Index: Israel hits rock bottom Iceland is the world's most peaceful nation while Israel ranked 136th out of 140 nations, according to the "Global Peace Index," compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit.....The United States slipped from 96th last year, but was still ahead of foe Iran which ranked 105th. Iran is ahead of Israel on that list, the irony.

Palestinians Prefer Fatah Over Hamas

Osama: Palestinian Cause Was 'Main Factor' The answer to Why the press can't say why they hate us goes to ideology. If the Palestinian grievance is acknowledged or valorized, rather than dismissed out of hand, well that opens the door on the Nakba, on the dispossession, on the many landgrabs of the Jewish state and inevitably casts doubt on the inherent goodness of Zionism and the justice of the occupation, theirs and ours.

Obama: Israel's settlement policy hinders peace process

Seattle Activists Aim To Put Israel Divestment on City?s Agenda

Bush Team Criticizes New Report About Iran The statement, following an even angrier attack on NBC the day before, appeared to reflect a heightened sensitivity to what Mr. Bush?s aides view as mischaracterizations of his intentions in confronting Iran over its pursuit of nuclear enrichment, its involvement in Iraq and its support of the militant Islamic groups Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Palestinian areas.

McCain Backer Hagee Said Hitler Was Fulfilling God's Will (AUDIO) John Hagee, the controversial evangelical leader and endorser of Sen. John McCain, argued in a late 1990s sermon that the Nazis had operated on God's behalf to chase the Jews from Europe and shepherd them to Palestine. According to the Reverend, Adolph Hitler was a "hunter," sent by God, who was tasked with expediting God's will of having the Jews re-establish a state of Israel.

Sheikh Raed Salah indicted for incitement According to the indictment, filed with the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court on Tuesday, Salah, along with several others, incited crowds during an illegal protest rally held in Jerusalem on March of 2007, against the archeological digs held near Temple Mount.

Israel at 60: A Palestinian perspective

Officials: Bush pledged funding for Arrow 3 US President George W. Bush pledged his commitment to Israeli leaders during his visit to Jerusalem last week to obtain the necessary funding for the development and production of Israel's Arrow 3 ballistic missile defense system, The Jerusalem Post has learned.....In an interview with the Post on Sunday, Pelosi said that Congress was committed to helping Israel retain its qualitative military edge over other countries in the Middle East. She noted that the House of Representatives passed legislation doing just that last week. Under the House version, which still needs the approval of the US Senate before being sent to Bush to become law, future arms sales would need to make sure that Israel's military advantage was maintained Read that again.

Former education minister wants to eliminate Arabic as official language An Israeli lawmaker wants to eliminate Arabic as 1 of Israel's two official languages.

Krauthammer errs on Mideast

Bush's remarks were way off key in the Middle East - editorial The Hamas that America now spurns was the victor in a democratic process that America supported. This unmentioned fact constitutes a fundamental disconnect in U.S. policies that continues to erode progress toward a Middle East peace.

A loss of balance on Israel That Canadian attempt at even-handedness has utterly disappeared under Stephen Harper, who lavishly celebrated Israel's 60th anniversary with promises of Canada's "unshakeable" support, while utterly ignoring the fact that this is also an anniversary ? although a very different one ? for the Palestinians.

What makes a pro-Israel president? The notion that a President Barack Obama would have a desire or ability to walk away from this consensus American position is ludicrous. But given the simmering controversy over whether Obama is "good for Israel," it's worth exploring this question: What really makes a pro-Israel president?

60 years of denial

Colonialism, racism and capitalism Krauthammer is part of a massive disinformation campaign that supports current U.S. policy in the Middle East.

Israel founded on backs of Palestinian people

Israel-Syria peace deal could threaten Iran, Hezbollah

Diabetes, hypertension up among Palestine refugees: UN

The Palestine literature festival was an enlightening experience - but not always for the right reasons We were in Jerusalem, Ramallah and Bethlehem for the Palestine festival of literature which I, Brigid Keenan, Eleanor O'Keeffe, Victoria Brittain and other friends had put together. It ran from May 7 to 11 and in every city our venues were filled to the rafters and our authors rode high on the enthusiasm of the audience.

Analysis: The Palestinians' trump card The chances of Bush pressuring Israel? About nil. Particularly if one looks at Bush's speech in the Knesset Thursday, in which he showered Israel with praise, a speech that "angered us," said Abbas.

Olmert warns of Syria concessions Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has described peace talks with Syria as "exciting", but warned that they might involve "painful concessions".

Touring the West Bank with Israeli veterans The veterans tell about the "process of moral corruption" which soldiers undergo; in other words "losing the sense of right and wrong". The former soldiers say the tour breaks one of the biggest taboos in Israeli society.

Electric car hits the road in fuel-starved Gaza A Palestinian-designed electric car drew admiring stares on Tuesday from Gazans forced to use cooking oil to power their cars because of a fuel shortage.

Egypt PM wants Israel to pay more for its gas

Saudi-led group to build Palestinian mall complex

Israeli Threat Sustains Palestinian Identity

US welcomes Syrian-Israeli talks but stresses Palestinian track

Bush trip fails to advance policy goals or bolster Arab moderates Israeli officials are still hopeful that the United States will play a leading role in preventing Iran from producing nuclear weapons. They say they showed Bush new intelligence on Iran?s nuclear program and came away with the impression that the U.S. leader means business on Iran.

Israel?s Friends and the Path to Peace by Stephen M. Walt Our book contains detailed case studies showing that unconditional support for Israel is not in America?s national interest. Readers can judge for themselves whether we are ?persuasive.?

EU extends mandate of its halted Gaza border crossing mission

Bibi: 'No one hurts US more than Israel' I made a correction to the title.

New boycott of Israeli academics would be 'unlawful' Lawyers say the motion would "expose Jewish members of the union to indirect discrimination" and could make the UCU liable for an "act of harassment on grounds of race or nationality".

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Headlines for 05-19-08

Military: Israeli soldiers shoot, kill Palestinian teenager at West Bank roadblock

Palestinians cool to embrace from al-Qaida leader In his latest message, Osama bin Laden portrays himself as the only true defender of the Palestinians. But the Palestinians, even the Islamic militants of Hamas, didn't seem too enthusiastic Monday over the bear hug from the fugitive al-Qaida leader.

Roadblocks open to Palestinian movement; settlers protest

Deputy IDF chief, top US military official discuss Iran IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Major-General Dan Harel met this past weekend with the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Michael Mullen, to discuss the Iranian threat, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday.

Hamas ministry to censor Internet sites in Gaza

Israel holds war games just south of border

US House speaker: Nothing should be ruled out in order to stop Iran

Pelosi: More must be done to stop Iran The Democratic Pelosi, the No. 3-ranking politician in the US after the president and the vice president, is leading a blue-ribbon panel of 13 congressmen to Israel for the state's 60th anniversary.

Egyptian FM: US is fueling Middle East turmoil

France says it's had informal contacts with Hamas

US says French contacts with Hamas 'unwise'

Hamas bans pornographic websites in Gaza Strip

Two sick patients, one infant and one adult, die due to ongoing siege on Gaza

Palestinian forces arrest two Islamic Jihad militants

Thousands of Gazans believed to have gone abroad for terror training Up to a couple thousand Palestinians from the Gaza Strip are believed to have traveled overseas for military training in recent years, senior defense officials warned on Monday as the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) revealed that it recently captured a former Fatah operative who had undergone advanced weapons training in Iran. Major BS alert.

Israel not to swap Palestinian prisoners for soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah Israel has refused to release Palestinian prisoners in exchange for two soldiers kidnapped by the Lebanese organization Hezbollah, local daily Ha'aretz on Sunday quoted an official as saying.

Vice PM: Israel in direct negotiation with Hamas Israeli Vice Premier Haim Ramon said Monday that the Jewish state is holding talks directly with the Palestinian movement Hamas, despite a government decision forbidding such moves.

Palestinian patient dies in Gaza; death toll due to continued Israeli siege stands at 158

Israel arrests 25 Palestinians in West Bank

Hebron: Israeli settlers and troops attack shepherds; kidnap one A group of Israeli settlers, supported by Israeli troops, on Monday attacked Palestinian shepherds, kidnapping one, near the village of Yatta in the southern West Bank district of Hebron.

Too little, too late The first graduates of General Keith Dayton's Palestinian police-training program will soon hit the hard streets of the West Bank. Unfortunately, they will do so without the firearms, radios and first-aid equipment that they have been promised after graduating from a training program so fraught with problems that it can hardly be called a training program at all......Steven Smith, a veteran of international policing missions in Bosnia and Serbia, is the lead instructor for the Administration of Justice program at Gavilan College, California. Interesting.

13 Jerusalem Arabs held for selling weapons to Palestinians

The Israeli army kidnaps eight Palestinian children from Jerusalem

Israel to resume fuel supplies into Gaza Israel pledged to resume reduced fuel shipments to the Gaza Strip on Monday, director of the Palestinian Petroleum Agency Mujahed Salama said.

Congressional Leader Pelosi Says She Agrees With Bush Over Backing Israel "I don't know what would be gained by a military strike other than to strengthen the president of Iran and increase the price of oil, but I think we shouldn't take anything off the table," she said.

Syrians and Palestinians create largest flag in the world

Joint Israeli, Palestinian effort to ease entry of investors to West Bank conference

In New York, Maronite patriarch discusses plight of Lebanese He also asked the international community to help the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Media Heavies Question ?Pro-Israel? Moniker

A disaster for Palestinians

Citizens protest destruction of Muslim cemetery Jaffa's Arab residents hang posters protesting destruction of Muslim cemetery after sale of land to private hands. Councilman Turk: Residents must defend holy sites

Arab diplomats in Russia decry Israel "What took place 60 years ago was an act of genocide," said Faed Mustafa, the charge d'affaires for the Palestinian mission in Moscow. "A whole people was ejected from its own territory for the purpose of that territory being occupied by another people."

Arab rights organizations to sue police for Nakba riots

'India continues to stand by Palestinians'

Israeli film evokes massacre

UAE delegation heads to Palestine Investment Conference

Israeli and Palestinian Kids to Challenge World Leaders with Vision for 2018 Joint Discussion with Foremost Dignitaries at the World Economic Forum This afternoon, in an interactive 'WorkSpace' Session with some of the world's foremost dignitaries and business leaders - including Tony Blair, Amre Moussa, Saeb Erekat, MK Yossi Beilin, and Rabbi David Rosen - four young students - two Israeli, two Palestinian - will lead a discussion on their visions for the future of the region, and on the taboo issues that often impede the negotiations process from moving forward.

Most Gaza arms seen sent via sea Israeli worries about gunrunner tunnels from the Egyptian Sinai to the Hamas-run Gaza Strip are overblown as the greater smuggling threat is from the Mediterranean sea, a senior Israeli lawmaker said on Monday.

Temporary tattoos for summer A Palestinian girl holds up her hand decorated with with henna during a traditional wedding in Abu Dis.

Divestment proposals die, ELCA communion OK'd Voted down petitions seeking selective divestment of church funds from companies that profit from products or services that "cause harm" to Israelis and Palestinians or support "Israeli occupation of Palestinian land."

The Anniversary Is Over, the Agony Is Not "It was about 2am. We all had to run after we heard that the Haganah (a Jewish force at the time) had invaded our village." Like others, he fled with his wife to Gaza, the only exit route left. He barely survived, he said, and showed scars on his hand he said came from an attack by a British helicopter backing the Jewish forces.

Reporters share Gellhorn prize The prize is to be shared by the American Dahr Jamail for his work as an unembedded journalist in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria; and the Palestinian Mohammed Omer for dispatches from his native Gaza. Both journalists work without the backing of news organisations.

An American president in Israel