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Headlines for 06-15-08

Hamas set off massive Gaza blast Seven people, including a four-month-old baby were killed in the blast, in Beit Lahiya, in the north of the strip.

Israeli troops kill three gunmen on Gaza border

Gaza death toll climbs to 14 with three Hamas deaths - Summary

Seven wounded in West Bank clashes: Palestinians The fighting broke out when around a dozen Israeli military jeeps surrounded an apartment building in Al-Doha village and closed off nearby roads, according to Palestinian witnesses. Hundreds of Palestinians, mostly young men, massed in the area and hurled rocks at the soldiers, who responded with gunfire and called in another dozen vehicles, including armoured bulldozers, they said......The soldiers later threw rocks back at the protesters, hitting several people, including an AFP photographer whose camera was broken and a photographer from the Reuters news service.

Gaza 'hurt by Palestinian feud' Violence between Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip has badly damaged the territory's social fabric, a senior Hamas official has said.

West Bank poverty pushes boys into work force

Rice says travel permits from Israel are vital Israel subsequently allowed four of seven Palestinians to leave Gaza to apply for U.S. visas but the other three have not received permission to leave for visa interviews at the U.S. consulate in Jerusalem, Sari Bashi, the head of the Israeli human rights group Gisha, said

Israeli settlers' attack on Palestinian family captured on video A Palestinian family's brutal beating by Israeli settlers has been captured on video and aired just a week before the UN Security Council is set to consider a resolution condemning construction of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory.

Brzezinski Says Bush Should Dissuade Israel From Attack on Iran In an interview on Bloomberg Television's ''Political Capital with Al Hunt,'' Brzezinski said an armed conflict between Israel and Iran would widen to include the U.S. as Iran struck back against American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Hamas sends team to Cairo to discuss Gaza truce The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas sent a delegation to Cairo on Saturday to receive Israel's response to an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire proposal for the Gaza Strip.

Report: 9-year-old boy suffers head injury at anti-security fence rally

Israel to build 1,300 new settler homes in Jerusalem Israel announced on Friday its second settlement project in occupied east Jerusalem this month, enraging Palestinians and drawing criticism from Washington just ahead of a US visit aimed at rescuing the stalemated peace process.

Gaza militants bombard Israel after deadly blast Palestinian militants bombarded southern Israel on Thursday after a Hamas commander's house in northern Gaza was blown up in a blast which killed seven people, including a four-month-old baby.

West Bank attack filmed The BBC has obtained footage of Palestinians being attacked close to a Jewish settlement in the West Bank by a group of masked men wielding baseball bats.

U.N. says Israel restricts Palestinian staff Israel has tightened rules for Palestinian staff of the United Nations who travel in and out of the occupied West Bank, increasing tensions with the world body, internal U.N. emails and aid workers said on Sunday.

New Israeli homes are 'unlawful' Israel is committing war crimes by building civilian settlements in occupied territory.

Gaza prisoners in bid to lift ban on family visits Palestinian prisoners from Gaza held in Israeli jails have launched a legal battle along with their families to lift a year-long ban on visits organised by the Red Cross.

Rice attacks Israel over new settlements plans Even as Rice was issuing her strongest criticism of settlement construction to date, Jerusalem's city council unveiled plans to build 40,000 new apartments throughout the city, including units in east Jerusalem, over the next 10 years.

Palestinians barred from Dead Sea beaches to 'appease Israeli settlers' Palestinians are being regularly and illegally barred from reaching Dead Sea beaches in the occupied West Bank, according to a Supreme Court petition filed by Israel's leading civil rights organisation

Israeli hawks pushing for strikes on Iran "The most likely scenario is that the Israelis will train and prepare as if they are very serious ? and that's part of the bluff to get the U.S. engaged," said John McCreary, a retired intelligence analyst for the U.S. Department of Defense.

How Iran Has Bush Over a Barrel If wasn't clear before it should be now: the Bush Administration can't afford to attack Iran. With gas already at $4 a gallon and rising almost every day, Iran figuratively and literally has the United States over a barrel. As much as the Administration is tempted, it is not about to test Iran's promise to "explode" the Middle East if it is attacked......Israel cannot attack or contain Iran on its own; it needs the full military might of the United States behind it. Which is why Israel is trying to force us - with a kind of blackmail of their own - into yet another Middle East war on their behalf.

UN: Israel restricting our Palestinian staff in West Bank An aid worker said the tightened restrictions had "ratcheted up tensions between Israel and the NGO (non-governmental organization) community."

Bill Presses Iraq To Recognize Israel To the many challenges facing the fledgling Iraqi government, Congress may soon add this: Recognize the State of Israel and establish diplomatic ties with Jerusalem, or else risk losing some of the billions in aid that Baghdad receives from the United States. Wow.

Gaza 'genius' helps besieged city survive a year of Israel's blockade Six months in the conception and making, this prototype conversion of the French saloon into Gaza's first electric car ? powered by an AC induction motor and 38 12-volt batteries under the bonnet and in the boot ? is an engineering triumph in a city starved of almost every commodity, including spare parts.

Report: Protestor suffers suffered live-fire injuries in Naalin rally

Palestinian wounded as Israeli forces fire at wall protesters A Palestinian suffered a severe gunshot wound on Friday when troops dispersed a protest against the Israeli separation barrier in the occupied West Bank, medics and witnesses said.

Fed up residents in the South block 18 food trucks from entering Gaza Strip Supplies to Gaza have been mostly limited to humanitarian assistance and basic staples in the last year, since Hamas's violent takeover forced the closure of the major crossings. But for residents along the Gaza periphery who are fed up with the continued rocket fire, even such basic supplies are too much.

Palestinian videoed settler attack: rights group An Israeli human rights group released video on Friday which it said showed the start of an assault on Palestinian farmers by masked, stick-wielding Jewish settlers. ..... Among those hurt was a 58-year-old woman, said the group, which has provided about 100 cameras to Palestinians in the past year in a project called 'Shooting Back' which attempts to document rights abuses in the West Bank.

Abbas' former Gaza security chief urges reconciliation with Hamas Deposed Gaza strongman Mohammed Dahlan told The Associated Press he sees no indication that Hamas is willing to give up its hold on Gaza. But he says Abbas' Western-backed government must make visible efforts to heal the schism between the rivals.

Hamas boosts police forces in Gaza with new training programs

Israel releases senior female Hamas official Seven months after being arrested, Hamas' representative to the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr. Maryam Salah, was released from Israeli custody on Sunday afternoon.

Erekat denies reports on lands exchange deal with Israel Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat denied on Saturday Israeli media reports saying that Israeli and Palestinian negotiators reach an agreement on exchanging territories in the West Bank.

Bush: Stopping Iran key to solving Mideast problems "When you go to the Middle East and you sit in my seat and listen, yes, there's concern about the Palestinian state. But the dialogue has shifted dramatically from 'solve the Palestinian state and you've solved the problems in the Middle East' to, now, 'solve the Iranian issue and you solve the problems in the Middle East'," US President George W. Bush said during an interview with The Observer, published on Sunday. The Israelis, Bush's puppeteers, shifted that dialogue for us.

Israeli soldiers accused of assaulting civilians, assisting arsonists Testimonies given to B'Tselem indicate that residents of the town who reached the site managed to put out most of the fire by themselves, but settlers prevented them from reaching part of the area, which continued to burn.

Four settlers attack the Nawaj'ah family near the Susiya settlement, 8 June 2008

Israel curbs Palestinian building on disputed land Aqabeh, home to 299 people, has never received Israeli construction permits despite many requests, its mayor says. After losing a battle in Israel's Supreme Court in April, the village now lives with the threat of seeing 37 of its 47 structures demolished, according to a U.N. count....On that land are Israel's 121 West Bank settlements, as well as military bases This is not 'disputed' land. It's OCCUPIED land. And Israel has no legal or moral right to build there. The Israelis need to be brought to justice for the incessant war crimes against Palestinians - and Americans.

Egyptian intelligence chief meets Hamas delegation on Gaza truce

Soldier's release not part of Gaza truce: Israeli official

Aid package for Lebanon refugees The Government has allocated 241,000 euro to fund the medical needs of mothers and babies in refugee camps in Lebanon.

Suspicion: Settlers who entered Palestinian village wanted to torch cars

Top airport security expert in Israel to inspect LAX anti-terror measures Israel's top airport security official will make periodic reviews of anti-terrorist measures at Los Angeles International Airport under an agreement signed today during a visit here by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.....City Councilman Jack Weiss, who arranged the Israelis' 2006 visit, said the agreement is believed to be the first ever between a U.S. airport authority and a foreign government. In the United States, federal authorities are responsible for security inside airport terminals.

Left-wing activists, settlers clash in Hebron A tour of the West Bank city of Hebron, organized Friday by the Breaking the Silence group, was cut short after settlers stopped the bus in its tracks upon entering the city.

What should have been said to AIPAC The candidates' fixation on Iran's nuclear program should not obscure the fact that Israel has its own robust nuclear deterrent, which means Iran would be committing suicide if it attacked Israel with nuclear weapons

DCI/PS calls on EU to raise child rights issues with Israel

Jordan, Saudi leaders slam Israeli settlement construction

'Israel Lobby' authors in Jerusalem: Ahmadinejad not inciting to genocide "With all due respect, I don't think it is my words that harm Israel, but rather Israel's actions." .....Mearsheimer said Israel's brutal treatment of Palestinians helped fuel terrorism against the United States and that, unlike in Israel, there was no healthy debate on the matter in America.

Rabbi OKs building settlements on Shabbat Ofra Rabbi Avi Gisser's ruling will allow foreign and Palestinian laborers to work seven days a week building new homes in the community located near the Palestinian city of Ramallah in order to complete as many homes as possible before Israel's Supreme Court orders new construction halted.

EU ready to boost Israel ties, wants peace progress Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad wrote to Brussels last month urging the EU not to boost relations with Israel, whose settlements he said were a "flagrant disregard" of Palestinian rights.

Walking in Palestine; Lost land Ugly, ever-expanding Israeli settlements sprawl on the West Bank?s hilltops; great roads splice their way through its undulating, terraced hills; wildernesses have become national parks that are barred to Palestinians; and Arab villages that once blended organically into the landscape are little more than besieged ghettos.

Lebanon sees need for Israeli withdrawal not talks Lebanon poured cold water on Wednesday on Israel's hope that Beirut would follow Damascus in opening peace talks with Israel, saying the Jewish state had to withdraw from what Beirut considers its occupied land.

Palestinians take hard route to Beijing

Barred from Israel

India now party to Israel-US axis: Karat 'The Barack missile scandal is but an example. If our ties continues, it will subvert our won military and security establishment,' he said, referring to the defence deal which is now being probed.

Israel sends envoys to Turkey for Syria talks

Israel offers jailed Lebanese for Hezbollah swap Israel has told Lebanon's Hezbollah guerrillas via German mediators it would be willing to free jailed Lebanese fighters in exchange for two soldiers abducted in 2006, Israeli security sources said on Sunday.

Israeli cluster bomb kills Lebanese man Hisham el-Ghossein, 39, was killed in the village of Qantara, near the southern town of Marjayoun, after stepping on the bomb while working in his field, the official said.

Bush, French president criticize Iran, Syria Sockpuppets for Israel.

Programming for peace / Israeli hi-tech companies outsource to West Bank

Israel in new Egypt talks on Gaza truce Israel joined a new round of Egyptian-brokered negotiations on a proposed truce in and around Gaza on Thursday after deciding to give the talks one last go while preparing for military action if they fail.

LEBANON: Refugee children chronicle life in camps The picture, along with the 70 others that make up the exhibition, and accompanying book ?Lahza? (meaning 'glimpse' in Arabic) are the result of a project run by Lebanese non-governmental organisation (NGO) Zakira aimed at highlighting the conditions of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

Video: ron paul: nancy pelosi pulled iran bill on orders of israel

Feature: First anniversary of Hamas' Gaza takeover passes in silence

The memoires of Alan Johnston Journalist Alan Johnston on his hell at the hands of kidnappers in the Middle East

Israel is pushing the U.S. to attack Iran "There is only one country in the world that is putting any pressure on the U.S. to attack Iran, and that is Israel," Mearsheimer told a packed lecture hall at Hebrew University, according to the Jerusalem Post. "And it is putting enormous pressure on the US."

Rightists held over Homesh shooting Police arrested two right-wing activists at the ruins of the West Bank settlement of Homesh on Friday, on suspicion of shooting at a Palestinian man.

Ambassador's own goal Israel's ambassador in London is trying to delegitimise genuine debate about his country's future

No rotten tomatoes The authors of a book about America's Israel lobby survived a trip to the Jewish state: what's more, the level of debate was high

Seeking Common Ground in Faith An imam had taken out a book titled "Palestinian Holocaust" and quoted a tiny ultra-orthodox Jewish sect that opposes the state of Israel. An African American Muslim said Zionism struck him as apartheid-like. A rabbi cited the "billions of dollars" donors give Palestinians.

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Headlines for 06-11-08

Three Hamas gunmen killed as Israel mulls Gaza offensive

Israeli fire kills girl in Gaza Palestinian medical officials said six-year-old Hadeel Smari was decapitated by the tank shell explosion while she was in the back yard of her house

Israeli soldiers kill 2 militants in Gaza

War? the campaign to discredit Rice seems to have hit its mark. Not only did she sound defensive in her own speech to AIPAC Tuesday morning, but she assumed a more-hawkish tone on Iran than she had previously

Arab officers to provide training to pro-Abbas forces

2 men accused of murdering their sister placed under house arrest The two were convicted of murdering their 19-year-old sibling, Rihm, by their own admission. She was killed because she wanted to marry a Palestinian man over her family's objections.

Senegalese President to invite Abbas, Mashaal to Dakar

Hamas talks with Palestinian factions in preparation for national dialogue

Fatah lawmaker: Dialogue must be launched through PLO

8 mortar shells fired at western Negev; none injured

Wilful killing of baby by Israeli army in Gaza house raid

Tourists returning for view of West Bank life "I had some idea of the situation (of the Palestinians), but not to the extent of what I saw first hand," says Bernard Basilio on returning to the tour minibus. The middle-aged Californian travelling with his elderly mother and other relatives shakes his head in disbelief. "I was appalled."

EU not ready for major upgrade with Israel Francis Wurtz, floor leader of the United European Left political group, said the EU should be focusing on unblocking the peace process with the Palestinians, not rewarding Israel with a special status. "Given the international context in which this matter is being examined, it seems totally inconceivable that the Israeli request should be given a favourable response," he wrote.

Senate report exposes key role of the Israel lobby in fomenting war with Iran What the second portion of the Senate report shows, however, is that we are also prisoners of the Israel lobby, which is inexorably pushing us into war with Iran

Gaza Hospitals in Need of Care "Israel is not letting certain medication and supplies into Gaza, through any checkpoint. For example, we have been waiting for seven months to have the operation tables to be shipped and enter Gaza through the Erez checkpoint -- the equipment is only one hour away by car, but we've been waiting for seven months.....According to doctors in Gaza, over 180 patients have died as a result of lack of essential supplies since the Israeli-led blockade began in June 2007.

Hebron Update: 15 April ? 14 May 2008

Israel urged to bare findings in journalist's death The Committee to Protect Journalists on Wednesday called on Israel to release findings of an army investigation into the killing of a Reuters cameraman in the Gaza Strip in April.

Taxi drivers run the gauntlet in Jerusalem Taxi driver Ezzedine Nassar will never forget the night last October he was hailed by three young ultra-Orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. They knew he was a Palestinian as soon as he opened his mouth. They smashed his face in with a rock. "They were waiting for an Arab to come along,"

The newest Israeli-Palestinian fault line: gentrification Activists, residents, and planners see the wave of expulsion notices as a part of a government plot to clear Ajami of poor Arabs renting on public land so it can be sold to developers to build housing for the middle and upper class, who are overwhelmingly Jewish.

Man lightly injured in mortar attack on Negev kibbutz

Palestinian Students According to Gisha, an Israeli not-for-profit organization that seeks to protect the freedom of movement of Gaza residents and other Palestinians, hundreds of Palestinian students lost their places in universities abroad last year. Hundreds more may do so this year without radical change.

Activists move to help Palestinians regain land A group of Israeli human rights activists has begun a project to help Palestinians in the West Bank, who have in the past had land taken away by settlers, regain what they say are their property rights

Refugee stories - No running water for Dheisheh residents

Israeli FM: no Palestinian state before Israel's security guaranteed

Palestinian salaries paid after Israel sends funds

Israel arrests 28 Palestinians in West Bank raid

Palestinian pay delays linked to letter to EU: Israel

Sarkozy invites Olmert, Assad to Paris conference Invitation relayed to Jerusalem ahead of French president's scheduled visit to Israel on June 22; Israeli PM expresses willingness to attend, Syrian leader yet to respond

Arab officers to provide training to pro-Abbas forces

Hamas: Gaza will become graveyard for IDF soldiers if raided

Palestinians: Israel transfers delayed tax money, but millions missing Fayyad accused Israel of violating international law by continuing to build settlements, ignoring the International Court of Justice's ruling about the separation fence and infringing on the human rights of tens of thousands of Palestinian laborers......Israel is furious with Fayyad, officials said.

'IDF checkpoint blocks Palestinians so Israelis can make more money' The Association for Civil Rights in Israel charged the army on Tuesday with barring West Bank Palestinians from using beaches along the northern shore of the Dead Sea. A petition filed with the High Court of Justice against the IDF criticized the area's checkpoints as a means to keep Palestinians out so as not to discourage Israelis from swimming there and contributing to Jewish concessionaires.

Knesset votes to amend 'Intifada law' Palestinians who sustain damages to person or property as a result of IDF activity in the West Bank may soon find it nigh impossible to file a lawsuit against the State of Israel.

Tutu says only Gaza solution is for both sides to sit down and talk Tutu said he and his delegation co-expert Christine Chinkin, professor of international law at the London School of Economics, were "shocked" at the conditions they found in Gaza and the testimonies they heard from the survivors of the attack they came to investigate. Tutu also urged militants to stop launching rockets at Israel.

Rice: Hamas' power must come with responsibility

Blair to Israel: Allow Gazan resident to study in Britain Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair sent Israeli authorities a letter in which he requested to allow a 31-year-old Gaza citizen to leave the Gaza Strip in order to study in Britain.

U.S. Army training Egyptians to find and destroy smuggling tunnels Over the past year, the U.S. has put much pressure on Egypt to improve how it deals with the arms-smuggling into Gaza, an Israeli diplomatic source said. Members of the House of Representatives proposed freezing $200 million in military financial aid to Egypt until it acted to stop the smuggling. Egypt was angered by the initiative, which was eventually nixed by U.S. President George W. Bush. Our army protecting ISRAEL.

Congress gets behind Israel's aid request A year after U.S. President George W. Bush agreed to increase military aid to Israel by 25 percent, it now seems that all political obstacles that had prevented Democrats in Congress from coming on board and supporting the extra aid have been lifted.

Not a gift and not a farewell Prime Minister Ehud Olmert received a farewell gift from U.S. President George W. Bush: The magnificent F-35 Lightning Strike Fighter.

Deadly Fallout From Obama's Groveling Before Israel Lobby Presidential candidates have been kowtowing to the Israeli Lobby for decades, so what else is new? Well, what is new is that the world has come to realize that all such blind, unquestioning support for Israel?s most criminal objectives is a real threat to world peace. Such rhetoric is no longer confined simply to the Jewish vote in America. It has actual impact on the lives of people in the Middle East.....And while the U.S. has no more troops left with which to invade Iran, as Sen. Joe Lieberman and the Israeli government wants us to do, both Israel and the Bush Administration have plans to bomb Iran?s phantom nuclear program

Nuclear fallout Shaul Mofaz's declaration that Israel will attack Iran has roiled the oil markets and strengthened Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Palestinian territories - Call for closed news media to be allowed to resume operating amid peace moves between Hamas and Fatah Welcoming recent statements by the
leaders of the two main Palestinian parties that have raised hopes of an end
to the conflict between them, Reporters Without Borders called today for the
news media that have been closed since the start of the clashes to be allowed
to resume operating.

IDF furious after settlers fabricate kidnapping When confronted by the soldiers, the settlers fabricated yet another story ? they reported that there had been a third member of their party and that he had been abducted by the Palestinians.

Shalom to a new pro-Israel lobby Washington's near adherence to the lobby's themes ? often unconditional support for Israel, reluctance to push Israel hard on behalf of the Palestinians, and an overly confrontational stance toward Israel's adversaries ? works against US interests

UNRWA Commissioner-General welcomes signs of Palestinian "rapprochement"

Libya?s Gadhafi Criticizes Obama for Israel Remarks

Obstruct new construction It?s the legal duty of America?s lawmakers to denounce the criminal conduct of the Israeli military, and to take action to remove the Israeli settlers and military from the occupied lands, using United Nations peacekeeping forces if necessary.

Adam Sandler is an Israeli spy The trailer actually is pretty funny.

PA gives West Bank land to Moscow Russia gained control of three plots of land in the West Bank city of Jericho at a ceremony in Moscow.

Israeli visit sparks boycott call Lord Dafydd Elis-Thomas said he objected to Israel's "failure to meet its international obligations" towards the Palestinians.

Jordan fears new pressure to merge with West Bank

Olmert calls for Israel-Lebanon talks Have a listen to what Israel did to Lebanon in '06 as told by Patrick J. Buchanan - it's at the end of this you tube video.

Bush says regrets tough guy talk on war Bush told The Times he wanted to "leave behind a series of structures that makes it easier for the next president" to tackle issues such as Iran's nuclear programme and establishing a Palestinian state.

Arab peace plan could resolve Middle East crisis: Mukherjee The peace plan put forward by the Arab leaders could be a 'pragmatic and reasonable' solution for the Middle East tangle, External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee said here Wednesday.

Caterpillar annual meeting draws protesters Pro-Palestinian protesters angry with Caterpillar Inc for selling tractors to Israel picketed the company's annual meeting on Wednesday as shareholders rejected a proposal that would have required Caterpillar to publish a report on its foreign military sales.

Anti-US sentiment hits record high America is viewed unfavourably by 82 per cent of people in Arab countries, while US popularity has fallen 45 per cent in Indonesia and 27 per cent in the UK.

Hamas chief blames Israel for prisoner release delay

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Headlines for 06-09-08

Israeli troops kill Gaza militant A Palestinian medical official says Israeli troops have killed a Hamas militant on the Gaza-Israel border.

Palestinians say attacked by masked settlers near Hebron

Abbas says settlements main obstacle to peace

Israel delays payments for Palestinian civil servants: Fayyad Israel has delayed transferring tax funds used to pay Palestinian civil servants, Palestinian premier Salam Fayyad said on Monday, citing a reported link to his call for the EU not to boost ties with the Jewish state.

Abbas popularity rises as Hamas's drops: poll

Tensions mount in Gaza 4 days into fuel blockade

Iran vows 'painful response' if Israel attacks

Hamas meets with Palestinian factions, preparing for resuming national dialogue

Hamas armed wing seriously deals with threats of Israeli invasion

West Bank: 2 injured, 4 arrested in protest against fence A reported 150 people participated Sunday afternoon in a demonstration near the West Bank village of Naalin, west of Ramallah to protest the security fence being built in the area. The protestors accused IDF soldiers of using tear gas to disperse them while the latter claimed that rocks were thrown in their direction.

Man lightly wounded by Qassam rocket

Israel removes 10 roadblocks in West Bank

Palestinian salaries delayed as Israel blocks funds

U.S. Consulate employee dies of heart attack at Israeli checkpoint

Israel tries to play down minister's warning of attack on Iran Defence officials criticised Mofaz, saying his comments would make it more difficult for Israel to convince the international community to intensify its efforts. Political rivals accused him of exploiting Israel's fear of Iran for political gain.

World Bank Extends a $40 Million Grant for PA Budget Support

Jordanian king: preserving Arab identity of Jerusalem top priority

UNICEF Regional Director visits Palestinian children bearing brunt of conflict The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that military incursions continue to claim a disproportionately high toll of young lives. As of 26 May, 64 children had been killed in the conflict since the beginning of the year ? more than the total child death toll for all of 2007. Fifty-nine of the deaths were in Gaza and another four victims were Israeli children.

Gaza op likely before J'lem signs truce In response to the recent string of fatal Hamas rocket attacks, Israel is likely to conduct a medium-size military operation against the Islamist group before agreeing to a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, senior defense officials told The Jerusalem Post on Saturday.

Israel hints a Jerusalem deal might not be possible by deadline

A village in its death throes There was nothing we onlookers and reporters could do but record the events in our notebooks and cameras; our roles no different to that of medical staff witnessing the slow deaths of terminally ill patients. In this case, the patients were the villagers of Nilin, the disease they were vainly fighting was the ever-spreading cancer of Israeli settlements across the corpus of their ancestral land.

Egyptian-Palestinian summit to discuss dialogue with Hamas

Rice to hold talks with Israeli, Palestinian teams

Hamas: arrangements underway with Egypt to open Rafah crossing

Israel sends reduced fuel to Gaza

1967 attack shows how U.S. goes too easy on Israel While the loss of life is tragic, the total failure of the U.S. government and the U.S. Navy to pursue this matter and assess blame proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the nation of Israel is free to take any action it deems necessary, and the U.S. government will raise no objection, even when American lives have been lost.

The Right--This Time the 'Washington Times'--Identifies Pro-Israel Agenda for Iraq War

Israeli ambassador says Britain 'hotbed of anti-Israeli sentiment'

The Iran Trap Obama, in a miscalculation that will have grave consequences, has given his blessing to the widening circle of violence and abuse of the Palestinians by Israel and, most dangerously, to those in the Bush White House and Jerusalem now plotting a war against Iran.

Tough Words From This Cheney on U.S. Mideast Policy Cheney also made clear her view that the recent efforts by Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal are taking resources away from dealing with Iran

How will Britain respond to being slapped in the face by Israel? The fact that President Michel Sleiman had asked Williams on Wednesday to help end Israel's serial violations of Lebanese sovereignty - and its continuing occupation of the Shebaa Farms and other areas - cannot have been lost on Israeli commanders.

Lost months slip away for Gaza scholars

Iran's Lebanese 'aircraft carrier' "Israel is a fact now. And we are acting with this fact. Our border is the Lebanese border". He told me Hezbollah has no desire to conquer Israel, just to recover Lebanese prisoners and land they say is still occupied by the Israelis.

Jon Stewart makes fun of Obama and Aipac

Hundreds rally in Tel Aviv against killings in Gaza, Sderot 'A country that controls another nation by force is not normal,' demonstrator says. Protestors wave signs reading 'Children in Gaza and Sderot want to live' and 'End the siege on Gaza'

U.S. Rebuked for Leaving UN Rights Body In electing the first Council members two years ago, the United States chose not to contest elections because it was almost certain to have lost the vote, largely due to its unconditional support for Israel in that country's ongoing conflict with the Palestinian people.

US professors face hostile reception in Jerusalem "Israelis are much better able to talk about Israeli policy and the US-Israeli relationship in a critical way," said Mearsheimer, professor of political science at the University of Chicago. "They have a much more open and vibrant debate in Israel."

Summer camp of love This summer, Kent will award scholarships to a Palestinian Christian, a Palestinian Muslim and a Jewish Israeli to fly to America and attend Camp Susquehannock in upstate Pennsylvania, where he is the program director.

A divide even among Israel's supporters AIPAC is the most formidable foreign policy lobbying group in the United States, as evidenced by the desire of all the presidential candidates to address its meeting.

Arab towns to distribute 'Nakba' alternative history booklet outside schools Israeli Arabs will distribute 20,000 booklets on the Nakba - the "catastrophe," what happened to the Palestinians after 1948 - outside of schools in Arab settlements throughout the country.

Water crisis in Tel Rumeida

Pledging Allegiance to AIPAC

Israel and Syria talks set to resume: Israeli officials

Palestinian Endowments Minister hails Saudi facilities for Pilgrims Jamal Mohammed Bawatna, the Palestinian Minister of Endowments and Chairman of the Hajj and Umrah commission, has hailed the great efforts being exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for ensuring comforts of pilgrims and providing them with gigantic facilities.

What does Palestinian youth think?

The fallacy of Islamic 'national suicide' "National suicide" will soon be an incantation by neoconservative and other pro-Israeli pundits and politicians on the "bomb Iran" bandwagon.

Captive Israel soldier writes to parents The parents of Corporal Gilad Shalit, an Israeli soldier held by Gaza militants for two years, were passed a handwritten letter from their son on Monday, the foundation of former US president Jimmy Carter announced.

Walls designed to separate rarely stand test of time Nations are always building walls. In order to better monitor border crossings, Israel has for several years been building a concrete barrier on the Green line separating itself from the Palestinian West Bank. Israel calls this wall the "West Bank Barrier." Palestinians call it "The Apartheid Wall." The International Court of Justice declared in 2004 that the wall was illegal. The construction continues. Estimates by Amnesty International indicate that when finished there will be more than 100 miles of concrete walls, ditches, trenches, razor wire and electronic fences with 550 checkpoints. Eighty percent of the barrier is on Palestinian territory. Thousands of Palestinians are being walled off from their own lands.

McCain calls for moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem Move McCain to Jerusalem instead. If the foo sh$ts....

IAEA chief hits out at Israel again over Syria attack

Britain's foreign secretary visits West Bank

Israel's Messianic Jews Under Attack It would seem some other extremists in the Holy Land do not like Christians either and will not hesitate to use violence against them.

Would-be Lebanon bomber probably Saudi: Fatah official A would-be suicide bomber who was shot dead last month outside a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon was "probably" a Saudi national, a senior Palestinian official said on Monday.

Family brewery keeps head up despite political, religious obstacles "Many people thought we were crazy," says Maria Khoury, communications manager for an enterprising Palestinian business venture called the Taybeh Brewing Co., now in its 14th year. "But beer is not against our religion."

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Headlines for 06-07-08

The Spy Who Loves Us by Philip Giraldi The brunt of Israel's treachery is revealed by former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Giraldi. Kudos!

Three killed in Gaza drugs raid A Hamas policeman and two suspected drugs traffickers were killed on Friday in a shootout during a dawn raid on a house in the Gaza Strip, police and medics said

Report: Olmert to urge U.S. attack on Iran

Israel cuts off Palestinian tax funds as relations hit new low Israel has withheld part of its $75m (£38m) monthly tax revenue payment to the Palestinian Authority after a diplomatic offensive by the Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, designed to stop the continued expansion of Jewish settlements.....Israel has accused Mr Fayyad, who is widely respected by Western governments, of trying to "undermine" its relations with Europe. Israel at this point, couldn't be any more like Nazi Germany.

At-Tuwani: Israeli military again blocks main access road in South Hebron Several villages in the South Hebron Hills are again cut off from basic
supplies such as water, firewood and animal feed, as this road provides
the primary vehicle access to Yatta, which serves as the region?s economic
hub, with critical services such as hospitals and secondary schools.

Gazans stock up on supplies as Israel threatens war

Iran protests to UN over Israel attack warning

Top EU official hurt in Bil'in protest Vice President of the European Parliament Luisa Morgantini and Irish Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire were hurt Friday after inhaling tear gas during an anti-security fence protest in the West Bank village of Bil'in.

Fatah, Hamas emissaries meet in Dakar under Senegalese mediation

Hundreds of students stranded in Gaza because of Israeli, Egyptian border closures Hundreds of students stranded in Gaza because of Israeli, Egyptian border closures

AT-TUWANI UPDATE: 21 April -- 21 May 2008 Israelis from nearby settlements used every Saturday (Jewish Sabbath)
during this period to come out and threaten Palestinians working in their
fields. Saturday violence became a regular routine as settlers
increasingly intimidated and challenged Palestinian shepherds' rights to
graze and harvest their land. Their aggression was generally accompanied
and condoned by Israeli soldiers and police, who often staged a preemptive
presence, even before the settlers appeared.

West is 'resigned' to Iran bomb: Israeli minister Ben-Eliezer insisted he was not advocating a preventive military strike on Iran but said "Iran should know the price it will have to pay when it begins to think concretely about attacking Israel."

Gazans stock up on supplies as Israel threatens war

Olmert aides: Progress made with U.S. on forging common view on Iran Olmert did not elaborate on what, if any, Israeli-U.S. plans had been created for curbing the Iranian nuclear program. But his aides said he had cemented the sale by the United States of advanced F-35 warplanes to Israel, as well as bilateral cooperation on missile-defense systems.

US says it will emphasize diplomacy with Iran The White House on Friday reiterated it would focus on diplomacy to persuade Iran to renounce sensitive nuclear activities after an Israeli official said force was the only option left.

Abbas, Rice discuss Israeli settlement expansion on phone

Rocket barrage hits Negev

Egypt deploys hundreds of policemen on Gaza border Egypt deployed hundreds of riot police along the border with the Gaza Strip on Friday, fearing hundreds of Palestinian protestors may try to storm the Rafah crossing, security officials said.

Israeli armed forces storm SE Gaza, raze farms

Italian judge hit by tear gas grenade in Bil'in Italian Judge Julio Toscano suffered head wounds after being hit by a tear gas grenade during a protest against the security fence in Bil'in.

Israeli threat to attack Iran over nuclear weapons Mofaz is Israel's transport minister, but he is also a former chief of staff, privy to secret defence planning as a member of the security cabinet, and leads regular strategic talks with the US

Hamas takes belated responsibility for militant attacks in Israel: web site

U.S. proposes trilateral talks with Israel, PA

Bad year for wine-making monks as Israeli wall keeps workers from vineyard FOR 120 years, generations of Christian monks have peacefully cultivated the land surrounding the Cremisan monastery in the hills above Bethlehem ? hewing terraces out of the rocky slopes to create Palestine's only vineyard.

Israel to seal West Bank, Gaza ahead of Jewish holiday The Israeli military says the West Bank and Gaza Strip will be sealed for the Jewish Shavuot holiday.

Feature: One year into Hamas takeover, impoverished Gaza hang inbalance

MP urges Blair to act on Israel A Bradford MP has called for more to be done to solve the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

Police arrests a suspect involved in attacks against Christian organizations in Gaza The Palestinian police in Gaza arrested on Saturday a man suspected of involvement in organizing attacks against Christian associations in the Gaza Strip.

Haneya phones Egypt over possible inter-Palestinian dialogue

Hamas lawmaker asks president Abbas to accept dialogue or resign

Hamas says four members arrested by pro-Abbas forces

Fatah nominates Abbas for next presidential elections Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party has nominated him as its candidate for next presidential elections, a senior Fatah official said on Saturday.

Hundreds of students still stranded in Gaza "I feel that I'm lost," said Ahmed Nasrallah, who studied computer programming in London, but has been stuck in Gaza since a summer visit home last year. "I am a victim of a battle that I am not part of."

Israeli fire injures Palestinian farmer in Gaza Mohammed Qudeh, 46, was slightly injured when Israeli forces, positioned on the border, opened machine-gun fire on farmers working in their fields

Calm returns to Egypt-Gaza Strip border after troop deployment

Water crucial to Golan talks The rain and snow that falls on the Golan, added to natural spring-water, ultimately provides Israel with about one-third of its fresh water.

Kaffiyeh an elaborate cover -- not First they'll come for your kaffiyeh -- then they'll want your ski mask.

Name That Terrorist By JAMES ABOUREZK What the American public doesn?t hear about from any mainstream news source is the history of Jewish terrorism from the 1940s when the Zionist movement methodically went about ethnically cleansing Palestine of Palestinians through present day, when Israel and its people commit daily acts of terrorism against the Palestinians.

Settlers arrested for allegedly hurling stones at Palestinian vehicles

Imam deportation case raises questions about immigration, counterterrorism issues

UNRWA starts the rubble removal in Nahr El Bared camp

Isolated Jenin opens to some cross-barrier traffic

Irish union passes motions in support of Palestine

Commentary: AIPAC and liege fealty Israel is the largest recipient of direct economic and military U.S. aid since the creation of the Jewish state 60 years ago. It also receives its annual aid from the United States at the beginning of the fiscal year so that it can earn interest. Other foreign aid recipients get aid in quarterly installments......Bellicose anti-Iran statements at the AIPAC convention got the biggest hand. Neocon kingpin Richard Perle made another pitch to put Iran next on the terrorist regime hit list.

US looks to increase Israeli deterrence US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman said he was open to removing the restriction on F-22 sales to boost Israeli deterrence and indicated that aid to the Palestinians could be affected by a Hamas-Fatah deal, in an interview with The Jerusalem Post Thursday.

Obama Capitulates - to the Israel lobby The U.S. would almost certainly be drawn into the conflict if Israel carried out its threat, and Olmert knows that

Middle East Pop Quiz by Charley Reese On behalf of which country has the U.S. vetoed the largest number of U.N. Security Council resolutions?

Jordanians demonstrate to urge lifting of Gaza siege

Abbas to meet Saudi king

Banned in the U.S.A. (Almost) I was scheduled to speak at Politics & Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse last month about my latest book, "Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation." My appearance was canceled when the bookstore owners realized that my book concludes by questioning the viability of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Instead it proposes a single democratic, secular and multicultural state in which Israelis and Palestinians live peacefully as citizens with equal rights.

Saturday Mailbox I recently returned from a 17-day trip to Palestine and Israel with 15 American Presbyterians. We were aghast at what we saw and heard from the people we interviewed there.

RFK in Palestine Members of the Irgun, the Jewish fighters responsible for the 1946 bombing of the King David Hotel that killed 91 people, told RFK "that if it weren't for their so-called terrorist activities the British would have remained on in their country...The question, though, in other Jews' minds is whether this compensated for what they have lost in good will by such tactics.".....An early departure of the British has been far more important strategically to the Jews than to the Arabs. Reading through his article excerpts, one can clearly see with which side RFK sympathized.

Israel ponders implications for Jewish state of Obama presidency Some in government quarters are concerned that Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, might be soft on Iran, pressure Israel to make concessions on the Palestinian track and even change the tenor of the strategic relationship between Israel and the United States.....The consensus was that because support for Israel is so strong in both Congress and American public opinion, no president would take a radically different tack.

Palestinians Pick Fatah for National Interests 76 per cent of respondents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip believe Fatah has a better strategy to handle the Palestinian national interests, while 24 per cent prefer Hamas.

Israeli woman's return to Gaza Yael Kahn is an Israeli who moved to London from Tel Aviv in 1991, because she disagreed with Israeli policies towards Palestinians.

Analysis: Growing talk of Iran attack One scenario being discussed by Israeli analysts is that there could be an attack, by Israel or by the Americans, after the US election in November and before the new president is inaugurated in January, with the tacit consent of the incoming president. That might be easier if it is Senator Obama's Republican rival John McCain.

Arabs urge 'clarification' on Israeli Mediterranean Union membership

Facing criticism, Obama modifies Jerusalem stance U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama amended his support for Israel's stance on Jerusalem on Thursday, saying Palestinians and Israelis had to negotiate the future of the holy city.

Palestinian scholar to speak in Eureka and Bayside Palestinian literary scholar, peace activist and poet Dr. Hanan Ahmad Awwad will speak and read from her original works next weekend at two locations in Humboldt County.

Training a tribulation for Palestinian Olympic team Ibrahim Tawil remembers the feeling from Athens. "When Palestine get into the stadium, and the 75 people that were there they were all the time shouting "Palestine! Palestine!" I think this was our medal. This was the real medal for Palestine," he said.

Ledeen: It?s 1938-1941, Hitler is Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, Khomeinists, Wahabis, Etc.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Headlines for 06-05-08

Israeli, four-year-old Palestinian killed in Gaza attacks An Israeli man was killed in a mortar attack by Gaza militants on Thursday, triggering an air raid on the impoverished territory that left a four-year-old Palestinian girl dead.

Palestinian killed by Israeli troops in West Bank A Palestinian man was shot dead by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank city of Hebron on Thursday, Palestinian emergency medical services said

Israel army warns journos... In the wake of its fatal attack on a Reuters cameraman in Gaza, the Israeli military has issued a rather blunt statement to journalists:

Gaza crossing shut after rocket wounds Palestinian The rocket "hit a fuel tank at the depot, severely wounding a Palestinian worker on the Palestinian side," an Israeli military spokesman said.

Blair defends neutrality in Middle East role

Hamas hails Fatah call for talks

During D.C. visit, Olmert eschews goodbyes in favor of Iran talk Olmert said he and Bush discussed "means, ways and a timetable" in getting Iran to end its suspected program. "Each day that passes we take another step to deal with this effectively," Olmert told reporters after the meeting. "The United States is not just a partner but the leading factor in these efforts.".....Asked particularly about reports that he is urging Americans to lead a blockade of Iranian ports, Olmert would say only that "it is important to tack action not just through the U.N. Security Council. Nations can also take steps."

Abbas urges dialogue with Hamas Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has called for renewed dialogue with Hamas although aides say he has not dropped demands it first cede control of Gaza.

Blair fears 'harming' Gaza talks Middle East envoy Tony Blair has said he will not visit the Hamas-run Gaza Strip until he can be sure it will "help rather than harm" peace efforts.

Hamas accepts Abbas offer of talks: Haniya

Israeli armed forces storm SE Gaza, raze farms

Gaza agency working with Blair seized by Hamas

Hamas Slams "Hostility" Of Barack Obama's Israel Speech In the speech delivered to a powerful U.S.-Israel lobby group in Washington, Obama reaffirmed his support for Israel and said Jerusalem should remain Israel's "undivided" capital.

Four Gaza students get US visas Israel has allowed four Palestinian students to leave the Gaza Strip to apply for US visas so they can take up prestigious Fulbright scholarships.

U.S. intelligence chief in Israel to discuss Iran Mike McConnell, the director of U.S. national intelligence, is in Israel to hear its spymasters' arguments that Iran could obtain nuclear weapons within two years, Israeli officials said on Wednesday.

Bush to Olmert: 'Existential' Iran threat must be taken seriously The Washington talks came a day after Olmert issued his
toughest warning yet to Tehran, saying Iran's nuclear program must be stopped by "all possible means."

Olmert to ask Bush to step up action against Iran Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert will ask President George W Bush Wednesday to step up US and international action against Iran and prepare for a possible military strike against its nuclear facilities, the Yediot Ahronot daily reported.

US to give Israel "security package," report says The 'security package' Israel will receive will enhance Israel's defence against long-range missiles, and includes radar, as well as cruise missiles and a permanent hook-up to a worldwide warning system that identifies whenever a ballistic missile is launched from anywhere.

US, Israel: World not doing enough to counter Iran The United States and Israel said Tuesday the rest of the world isn't doing enough to stop Iran from getting the bomb and accused Iran of continuing a covert drive for nuclear weapons, although U.S. intelligence has said Tehran quit its active warhead program years ago.

Abbas says peace talks can't go on amid settlements expansion

The Israeli army to demolish 12 Palestinian homes in Bethlehem

'Unavoidable' attack on Iran looms, says Israeli minister "If Iran continues with its programme for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective," Mofaz, who is also Israel's transport minister, said in comments published today by the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.

Arab League to hold extraordinary meeting on Israel's settlement policy

Aid convoy heads to Palestinian territories today Upon His Majesty King Abdullah's directives, the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organisation (JHCO) will dispatch a 15-truck convoy laden with foodstuff and medical supplies to the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Expert panel in Malta discusses problem of Israeli settlements

Mideast peace deal this year will 'require a miracle': Qorei Striking a full peace agreement with Israel by the end of the year will "require a miracle,"

Israeli army arrests 13 Palestinians in West Bank

Israel - Palestine: Week of action for peace begins today

Fayyad: Settlements not to achieve security for Israel Acting Palestinian Prime Minister Sallam Fayyad asserted on Wednesday that the expansion of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories "would never bring security for Israel."

Palestinians: Only a miracle will bring a peace deal by year-end target

Route of Israeli barrier severely impacts Palestinian lives, isolates communities, expert panellists say

Israel tax transfer to Palestinians delayed Israel has delayed transferring tax funds to the Palestinian government after Prime Minister Salam Fayyad angered Israeli leaders by lobbying the European Union not to upgrade its ties with the Jewish state.

U.S. tells Syria not to restrict U.N. nuclear probe

Palestinian Youth Are Ready to Tell their Stories

Obama speech 'very moving' - Olmert He told a powerful US-Israel lobby group that Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel, and said any Israeli-Palestinian peace deal must preserve Israel's integrity as a Jewish state.

AIPAC adds Fatah, Jerusalem to agenda AIPAC's executive committee added U.S. recognition of Jerusalem and the Fatah charter to the lobby's action agenda.

It's about a girl, not Mideast politics There are actually three plays inside of My Name Is Rachel Corrie, which opened at the Tarragon Extra Space last night, and two of the three are directed, designed and performed with such brilliance that you must see this play, despite its one problematic section. 'one problematic section'?

Ray scarf controversy just boggles the mind I have three words for the bloggers whose commentary precipitated this: "Get a life!"

Obama at AIPAC As president I will use all elements of American power to pressure Iran. I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Everything

Will Obama Stand Up to the War Party? Senator McCain's major talking point before the AIPAC crowd was that Obama voted against the Kyl-Lieberman resolution, which designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, a branch of the Iranian government, as a terrorist organization, giving U.S. forces carte blanche to attack

Students trapped in Gaza Israel's policy of not allowing Palestinians with scholarships to study abroad is ill-advised.

UN condemns attacks from both Hamas and Israel

Call for end to Gaza lockdown A European Parliament delegation to Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) has called for the lifting of the sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian Athletes Prepare for Beijing Olympics

Tutu's Trip to Gaza Censored by the US Media Jimmy Carter's words about the same place after a similar recent trip were also censored by the US media.

Olmert: Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem eternal

U.S. suspends move of embassy to Jerusalem As the American Israel Public Affairs Committee met in Washington, U.S. President George Bush Wednesday suspended plans to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Thousands sign petition calling to reopen October 2000 riots probe

UN clears cluster bombs from areas of south Lebanon Almost half of the areas in southern Lebanon contaminated with cluster bombs dropped by Israel in 2006 have been cleared, a UN official said on Wednesday.

Syria tells IAEA ready to cooperate: diplomat

UN critic sees worrying signs about Durban II Jewish organizations from around the world gathered in Geneva last week as guests of UN Watch, another UN monitoring organization, to consider a Durban II strategy.

Get 'the Look,' skip the doughnut Did the doughnut merchants think this through? Will all giant retailers now be blackmailed by extremist bloggers who accuse their ads of looking "Arab" and therefore, in their crude way of thinking, pro-terrorist?

Obama Works A Tough Room at AIPAC In case anyone missed the point, Obama added: "I will do everything in my power to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon." He repeated that sentence twice, for emphasis. And for additional emphasis, he said again: "Everything." To become the president of THIS country, you must bow down to ISRAEL.

Anger over Rachael Ray scarf opens wounds for Arabs "While it has symbolism of solidarity with Palestine, it is not associated with terrorists and does not show that someone is sympathetic to terrorism," Davis said. "To say that is just incorrect."

Court petition calls for Ofra demolition Two human rights organizations and five Palestinians on Wednesday petitioned the High Court of Justice against the construction of nine new houses in the Jewish settlement of Ofra which, they maintain, are being built on private Palestinian land.

Delegates Behaving Badly Attracting the powerful is one of the most effective ways that Aipac demonstrates its own clout. And, let it not be forgotten, a strong pro-Israel lobby helps to ensure a strong Israel.......Aipac has insisted on this ? and it has monitored its own delegates? behavior to ensure that its conferences do not become partisan rallies. It could not be otherwise, or Aipac would lose its ability to lobby through changing administrations and shifting congressional majorities. Note the source.

Former Belgian minister files libel lawsuit against Jewish leader Flahaut said he had been heckled by Joel Rubinfeld, the CCOJB president, "before he had the opportunity to speak at the meeting". He also blamed the Jewish leader for having publicly threatened him with a "retort from the Jewish community."

The Dr. Doolittle of the West Bank

Australian Jews blast Christian leaders Australian Jewish officials have blasted local Christian leaders for a "serious lack of balance" on Israel and the Palestinians. Oh dear.

Obama defends Jerusalem remarks On Wednesday Obama pledged to a meeting of the powerful Washington lobby American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) his "unshakeable commitment to Israel's security" if he is elected president in November, while making the statement that Jerusalem should remain undivided. Obama knows whose pole he needs to grease in order to make president of ISRAEL. Errr, I mean, president of AMERICA. ............

Hamas must be included in Middle East talks, says Hain

The unpromised land Imagine the shock-horror: Barack Obama attends the conference of an organisation whose former officials face trial for spying on the United States! It would be all over the blogs, except that John McCain and Hillary Clinton were attending the AIPAC conference this week in Washington DC as well, pandering to the lobby that will get you accused of anti-Semitism if you quote its own website about its power.

The land, not the people Israel's problem, since its 1967 victory, is that it wants Palestinian land but not the people who live on it Oh it goes further back than 1967. It's why there are refugees still sitting in refugee camps 60 years later; Israel's refusal to implement UN resolution 194, part 11.

US: No objections to Abbas-Hamas dialogue

Syria says Israel terms signal not serious on peace

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Israel spying on the United States of America - new article by Philip Giraldi

It has not been made available online yet, but the latest (June 2) issue of The American Conservative has on its cover the title of a story - "The Spy Who Loves Us" by former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Giraldi.

Be on the lookout for it folks, it is a doozy. It mentions the art students, neocons, the Israelis caught celebrating at Liberty Park on 9/11, Dominik Suter, industrial espionage, and much more.

Make some noise about it, and most importantly SUBSCRIBE TO THE AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE. It is imperative that we all support voices like Philip Giraldi, Pat Buchanan, and many more.

Almost all of Giraldi's columns deal with Israel, its lobby (including the neocons) or some combination thereof. That's why it is very important that we all show our support to keep these voices heard.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Headlines for 06-03-08

Palestinian dies in Gaza tunnel collapse: medics

At Tuwani Release: Israeli settler kills goats with car in South Hebron Hills The settler saw the flock on the road, aimed
his car, and rammed into three of the goats. He then redirected his car
and aimed for more, hitting an addition two. Three goats were killed and
two others were injured with broken legs.

Egypt slams Israel's plan to build more houses in east Jerusalem

AP Interview: West Bank premier pessimistic about peace but tries to instill sense of hope He hopes to break what he described as a culture of defeatism among Palestinians, nurtured by decades of Israeli occupation, and instead to instill a sense of the possible. "The way we end it (occupation) is by this ... spirit of positive defiance, to build despite the occupation, do what we can," he told The Associated Press.

Iran nuclear bid must be stopped by all possible means: Olmert "The Iranian threat must be stopped by all possible means. International economic and political sanctions on Iran, as crucial as they may be, are only an initial step, and must be dramatically increased," Olmert said in a keynote speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Horse-drawn buggies brighten tense W.Bank city "We are trying to revitalize life in the old city," said Emad Hamdan, head of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC), which brought the carriages to the city.

Amnesty condemns Israel on human rights

Hamas punishes policemen for deaths in Gaza rally Hamas said on Monday it had punished 38 of its policemen for failing to prevent the killing of seven Palestinians during a rally staged by the rival Fatah faction last November in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli soldier wounded during Gaza incursion An Israeli soldier was moderately wounded on Tuesday when troops clashed with Palestinian militants in the southern Gaza Strip, an Israeli army spokesman said.

Gazans stage protest against Israeli siege Around 100 Palestinians gathered outside the UN refugee agency's headquarters in Gaza City on Tuesday to protest a nearly year-old Israeli blockade of the Hamas-ruled territory.

Ahmadinejad calls Israel "false regime" of Zionists Europe is bearing the economic and political costs of a "false regime" of Zionists, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday in his second verbal attack on Israel in as many days.

Five people wounded in Gaza rocket attack on Israel At least three Palestinians were wounded in an Israeli strike shortly thereafter, one of them seriously

Egyptian parliament renews proposal to establish Rafah free trade zone The operation of the free trade area would be controlled by Egypt, not Israel, in a bid to alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, it added.

Gaza students appeal to Brown over travel ban Two Palestinian students who risk losing their places at British universities because Israel has not allowed them to leave Gaza yesterday appealed to the British Government for help.

Olmert under fire over settlements ahead of US visit Olmert held talks with Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas ahead of his departure for Washington but they were overshadowed by Palestinian anger at the settlement expansion plans, announced ahead of the 41st anniversary on Monday of Israel's occupation of the city's eastern sector.

Israeli warning over nuclear Iran Speaking during a visit to Washington, he said Tehran must be made to see it would suffer devastating repercussions if it pursued atomic weapons. Washington and Israel's agents therein are being given their orders.

Rice: U.S. will cooperate with Israel on missile defense system in face of Iranian threat

McCain: Iraq troop pullout bad for Israel McCain also criticized Obama by name for his support of troop withdrawals from Iraq, arguing that would jeopardize Israel's security and lead to civil war and genocide. To applause, McCain declared, "We must not let this happen."

Both McCain, Obama exaggerating Iran's nuclear program In a major speech Monday to a powerful Jewish American lobbying group, McCain asserted that Iran is actively developing nuclear weapons that threaten the security of Israel and could be passed to terrorist groups.

Iran Accusations Merit Skepticism by Philip Giraldi Israel is now playing the same game in an attempt to implicate Iran. An odd series of "leaks" to the media last week by Israeli security sources reporting anonymously seeks to demonstrate that Iran is supplying sophisticated weapons to both Hamas and Hezbollah and playing a major role with a number of militant groups......There is another sure sign that what the Israelis are putting out is disinformation. The Israel National News Service reported the same story and attributed it as "according to the Associate Press." In fact, the source is the Israeli government itself ? the Associated Press was only reporting the story. Using a planted bit of information to confirm the same information that has been planted elsewhere is a classic intelligence service technique.

McClellan's Warning on Iran by Ray McGovern White House spinners are at it again ? "fixing" the intelligence around the policy, this time on Iran. The fixing is obvious, but don't expect to hear about it from the FCM. Olmert is on his way to Washington to provide us with more 'evidence' of Iran's nuclear program, no doubt.

Israel's housing move contrary to international law: UN UN boss Ban Ki-moon is deeply concerned at Israel's decision to build 884 more houses in east Jerusalem, which is "contrary to international law," his press office said Monday in a statement.

Olmert to leave for Washington Olmert is also expected to address several sensitive intelligence issues during his US visit, with Iran topping the list. Israel has been providing the US with intelligence regarding the Iranian nuclear program, in an effort to demonstrate that the Islamic Republic is making progress in its pursuit of a viable nuclear weapon. Read that again.

Jordan criticizes new Israeli settlement plans

The Archbishop puts our 'envoy' to shame in Gaza Tutu's comments came in the wake of a similar speech by 83-year-old former US president Jimmy Carter, appearing this week at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival. Carter has also been to Gaza and spoken to the Hamas leadership. He famously compared the situation there to that of apartheid in South Africa, remarks that earned him predictable accusations of anti-Semitism from the Israel lobby in America.

Palestinians say 23 protestors injured in anti-fence demonstration in Naalin

Rice drops mentioning peace deal by end of year

France condemns new Israeli construction in East Jerusalem The French government on Monday fiercely criticized Israeli intentions to build nearly 900 new homes in occupied East Jerusalem. "This decision (to build the homes) damages the viability of the future Palestinian state and the diplomatic process currently under way," a spokeswoman for the French foreign ministry said in an electronic press conference.

AL chief: Israel's intransigence hinders talks with Palestinians Israel refused to cooperate with the parties concerned, Moussa said, adding the construction of Jewish settlements in the disputed territory reveals Israel's bad intentions

Hamas claims responsibility for wounding Israeli soldier in Gaza

Palestinians give up on legal building route - UN Palestinians living in Area C of the West Bank, under Israeli control, have given up on obtaining construction permits from the authorities and instead build without them, leaving 3,000 structures in the territory under constant threat of demolition, according to a UN report.

Palestinian PM urges EU not to upgrade Israel ties

Palestinian pharma company makes first shipment of medicine to Europe

Human Rights Watch: US: Challenge Israel?s Restrictions on Gaza Students The United States should promptly call on Israel to end its blanket ban preventing hundreds of Palestinian students from leaving the Gaza Strip to study abroad, Human Rights Watch and two North American scholarly organizations said today.

Soldiers who abused Palestinians get 5.5 months in jail Jaffa Military Court rules three troops won't be demoted from staff sergeants to privates, despite plea bargain

McClellan Was Right About Iraq The Bush administration's main motive for invading Iraq was to introduce "coercive democracy."
This, in turn, originated in a controversial 1996 White Paper titled "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," which referred to Israel. It advised then incoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to repeal the Oslo agreements for a Palestinian solution, keep Gaza and the West Bank under Israeli control, and establish democracy in Iraq by overthrowing Saddam Hussein.

IDF to relocate hundreds of trees in Palestinian village Due to construction of separation fence near Modiin, army and Civil Administration decide to move some 440 olive trees belonging to Naalin residents. Palestinians say decision to badly harm their livelihood

Jordan to send aid to West Bank, Gaza

Israeli airstrike on southern Gaza wounds three militants

Israel lets Arab Israelis into W.Bank city Israel began on Monday to allow its Arab citizens into the West Bank city of Jenin to visit relatives and shop for the first time since the start of a Palestinian uprising in 2000, Palestinian officials said.

Palestinians get new police stations Israel gave the Palestinian Authority permission on Tuesday to open three police stations in the northern West Bank as part of a U.S.-backed security campaign meant to ready the Palestinians for statehood.

Hamas military court sentences 5 Fatah members to years in prison

Occupation has cost Israel dear, says report

McCain to AIPAC: I'm committed to making certain Israel maintains military edge Republican presidential candidate John McCain told a meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) on Monday that the US would not accept a nuclear Iran under his leadership.

AIPAC?s in Town, and the Line-Up is Hawkish

At Tuwani Release: Israeli Military Blocks Main Access Road in South

Can Barack Obama be a friend of Israel if he talks to Iran? The Republican National Committee is already circulating damaging quotations from Mr Obama. These include comments such as ?nobody is suffering more than the Palestinian people?, an apparent failure to remember that Israel is among America?s closest allies, as well as a suggestion that the violence of Hezbollah and Hamas ?weakens their legitimate claims?.

Don?t paint Israel perpetually innocent In 1948, the Arab world rejected Israel, but since then Palestinians have recognized Israel as a nation and tried to make peace. Peace resolutions have been broken by Israel. They confiscate Palestinian land, deny human rights, bulldoze homes, and are populating Palestinian territory.

Aipac Instructs Delegates To Stay 'Positive' Left out of the letter was the impetus for such a warning: At last year?s annual conference, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received scattered boos when she spoke about the problems created by the war in Iraq. Organizers appear determined to avoid such political statements at this year?s event, which will be attended by presidential candidates John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.......Obama is at odds with Aipac in his willingness to enter into talks with Iran.....A draft obtained by the Forward of the lobby's 2008 policy "Action Agenda" calls on the administration to designate Iran and North Korea as "major national security threats" and to take "all appropriate measures to halt Iran's pursuit of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and the means to deliver them."
AIPAC's job: to make ISRAEL'S problems AMERICA'S problems.

The capital of Palestinian escapism One weekday last year, at about three in the afternoon, Israeli armoured jeeps moved into the centre of Ramallah, pulling up outside the most popular hummus cafe. In full view of passers-by, including children on their way back from school, the troops dragged a man in his early 20s out of the cafe. He was a wanted militant. They shot him - first in the legs, then stomach, then his head.

The agony of the Ecstasy Israelis involved in the Ecstasy trade in the U.S. are scattered around the country, and according to the authorities are not necessarily organized in large groups, and certainly not under one criminal umbrella organization. There is no Israeli mafia that deals in Ecstasy, but wherever the drug is trafficked on a significant scale, there are sure to be Israelis in the vicinity. Israelis figure prominently in cases currently under investigation in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Miami - cities that constitute the primary source of drug consumption at parties in the U.S.

Water project is a drop in the ocean on West Bank With the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Palestinian Water Authority, one town on the West Bank now has access to plentiful water, giving Samua's mayor and townspeople something to celebrate.

Committee seeks to help Palestinian students

Israelis charged with planning to murder soldier

Amendments Give Aipac?s ?Action Agenda? a Right-Wing Tint Aipac?s leadership opposed the amendment, arguing that it would put the pro-Israel lobby on record as contradicting the government?s reasoning on issues of national security. Nevertheless, the change passed with the support of an overwhelming majority of the committee.

Obama and Palestinian Rights


Who are the Mid-East prisoners?

Smells of Gaza

West Bank Radio Station Helps Youth Trade Despair for Dreams With support from Internews Network?s Aswatona project for the West Bank and Gaza, one West Bank radio station has begun to address the rampant frustration and despair among local youth through a special radio program produced by and for young people.

Palestinians Don't Salute Israel

60th anniversary of Nakbah commemorated with folk dance-theatre performance

New York, Washington celebrate Israel's 60th Among the marchers crossing Fifth Avenue were Vice Premier Haim Ramon, Minister Ruhama Avraham and deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York Lt. Gov. David A. Paterson and New Jersey Governor John Corzine arrived at the parade to show their support for the Jewish State.

And the winner is ... the Israel lobby AIPAC keeps a very close relationship with an array of influential think-tanks, like the American Enterprise Institute, the Center for Security Policy, the Hudson Institute, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the Middle East Forum, the The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Syria to allow UN probe of alleged nuclear site

Israel must quit all Syrian land for peace: Assad

Syria says Israel should face nuclear checks Syria's official press lashed out at the United States and Israel on Tuesday over claims it was building a secret nuclear reactor, and said the Jewish state's own atomic facilities should be subject to international inspection.

From the "What the Fuck?" file? What?s next? Get offended at Toyota pickups and AK-47s because terrorists use them? Old Toyota trucks are the number one choice in transportation for ragtag armies; and the AK has murdered more American soldiers than any other weapon since the beginning of time. I don?t see anyone banning their importation. Some great points and humor in this one. Apologies about the foul language and terms, but I wholly agree with his assessment of Michelle Malkin, may she read it whilst doing vanity searches in the blogs. Malkin is an attention whore who seems to have figured out that by suckling from the Israeli lobby teat, one goes places.

Would-be Lebanon bomber had fake ID: Palestinian official Munir Maqdah, the Palestinian Liberation Organisation security chief in Lebanon, told AFP he was carrying a forged Palestinian refugee identity card and that the UN refugee agency had no record of such a person.

US scholars may leave Gaza but hundreds of students remain

UN atomic watchdog to investigate claims of secret Syrian reactor Diplomats said it was unclear whether the inspectors would be allowed on the al-Kibar site. If they are, the IAEA is likely to shed new light on an episode that remains shrouded in mystery, with flat denials from Damascus, uncharacteristic silence from Israel and US insistence that the facility was being built by North Korea - which also denies any involvement.

Palestinian source: Settlers fired towards West Bank village

Israel court condemns student ban The Israeli Supreme Court has called on the government to reconsider its almost total ban on Palestinian students leaving the Gaza Strip to study abroad.

40 years after RFK's death, questions linger Sirhan fired his .22-caliber revolver from a few feet in front of Kennedy, according to police, yet Los Angeles County coroner Thomas Noguchi reported that the fatal shot was fired less than one inch from Kennedy's head, behind his right ear. Of the four shots fired at Kennedy, all came from the rear. None of this was raised at Sirhan's trial because his defense was based on the theory that he suffered from "diminished capacity" rather than on any challenge of prosecutors' evidence.

On Gaza frontlines, both Israel and Hamas draw farmers' ire 'The resistance fires rockets and we get it from all sides,' said Shamali, 56, who raises chickens in Juhr al-Dik, a hardscrabble village on the frontlines of the Gaza conflict, just a stone's throw from the Israeli border.

New Qaeda release expected from No. 2 Zawahri Al Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahri is expected to issue a new statement calling for an end to Israel's economic blockade of the Gaza Strip, U.S.-based Internet monitors said on Tuesday.

Two sides of Mideast fight

Churches urge Govt to address Palestinian-Israeli conflict "It's time that the Australian Government took a more active role as a member of the international community in working for peace in the Palestine and Israel," he said.
But there has been an angry response from Jewish leaders.

US renews opposition to new Israeli settlements Meaningless when this opposition is not backed up with action.

Iran sanctions figure large in AIPAC lobbying

AIPAC Report Reveals Long History of Activities Harmful to US - IRmep

NJ Muslim leader talks of torture in Israeli detention Qatanani denies the charges, saying he was detained, not arrested, by the Israelis along with many Palestinians at the time

If you can't build, bake - Humanitarian operations adapt to the realities of the Gaza blockade

Rights court halts mercenary's extradition Klein's exploits came to light in April 1989, when José Gonzalo Rodríguez Gacha, one of the Medellín cartel leaders, died in a shootout with a joint US-Colombian law enforcement team. A search of his ranch revealed 178 Galil assault rifles, made in Israel. They were part of a larger arms shipment that Klein had helped to arrange through a corrupt deal with the island government of Antigua.

Palestinians nabbed after fleeing Border Police custody The Border Police launched an inquiry on Monday to find out how two handcuffed Palestinians managed to escape custody from a large base in southern Israel on Sunday evening.