Sunday, January 9, 2011

2/3 of Americans say take no side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

2 recent polls:

The Brookings Institution


67% say US should "lean toward neither side"

Dates of survey October 8-22,2010, November 6-15, 2010

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

2010 National Survey of American Public Opinion

p. 62


(66%) of Americans think the United States should

not take any side in the Middle East conflict"

Authors, bloggers, please feel free to make note of these observations in your travels.

It is important to note the implications of these findings, and what the implications are with respect to the propaganda that 'America supports Israel'.

Also note the findings are not reflected by our representatives on Capitol Hill; the vast majority of those therein are staunchly pro-Israel evidently in contradiction to how Americans really feel.

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